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Pelham - Windham News May 6, 2011 - 17

Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down?

Comments expressed in this column are the sole views of those callers and do not reflect the views of the Pelham~Windham News or its advertisers. Town and school officials encourage readers to seek out assistance directly to resolve any problems or issues. The Pelham~Windham News editorial staff holds the right to refuse any comment deemed inappropriate.

“Thumbs down to the person who thinks

excessive traffic due to construction equipment being towed and 18-wheelers on Talent Road is an issue because if it was, your house wouldn’t be there. It takes that equipment and those trucks to move the dirt to put your house there. If you don’t like it, Move!”

“Thumbs down to Rep. Waterhouse for his letter trying to blame Gov. Lynch because the state budget does not now include the promised funding for our kindergarten. You voted for the budget that didn’t include promised funding! And you are supposed to be representing us. So much for your campaign promises not to downshift costs from the state to the local taxpayers. You and anyone else who voted for that budget should not plan on re-election.”

“Thumbs down to the person on Little Island

Pond for cutting every tree down on your property. If you don’t like trees go back to Massachusetts where you came from.”

“Thumbs down, way down to the Pelham

Police Department for not enforcing the out-of- state trooper at the end of the dirt road for not changing her residence to Pelham and paying this state the money it was due and to register her cars here. It’s been 3 years, it’s time to do something. Massachusetts would never let this happen.”

“Thumbs down to the person commenting on those in town not wanting a new fire station. I think that if there were a positive turnaround in the economy, most of us would be more receptive to providing these hard-working men and women with a better, more current fire station to meet the towns’ needs. The same could be said for our schools. Unfortunately, unless Barrack O-blah- blah and his band of Bozo’s get their act together, a new facility of any type would just be adding more money to our already high tax bill.”

“Thumbs down to the school board member painting their house. Why are you doing property maintenance? You are always preaching to build new. Money should be no option. So tell me, are you doing what is best for your situation and what you can afford? Funny how that works.”

“Thumbs up/down. I am so glad that the

school board has a plan. But the school board should remember that their plan should be what the townspeople will support not just the board’s

then move to a new location. Come on clean it up!”

“Thumbs down to the Pelham School Board. After reading what is going on in this week’s edition on the P/W news about Windham not getting the funding from the state for kindergarten and having a back up plan. Why was Pelham never even told about this? We were always just told how much they were going to pay for. You guys are unbelievable how do you sleep at night?”

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Outlaws Lacrosse Teams Continue Stellar Play

submitted by Maryellen Costa Undefeated is how the U-11 Outlaws team is kicking off this spring season with a record of two wins and zero losses, recently conquering Laconia with a final score of 6-3. Freddy Stamatatos started the first quarter scoring with a nice spin move, passing through Laconia’s defense to give Pelham a 1-0 lead. Additional goals by Zach Debay, Eric Mayer (2), Derek Cook, and Evan Haskins ensured their victory. Liam O’Connell, Riley Nutter, and Jack Drolet dominated in the face-offs, managing to consistently snap the ball to their middies. Justin Todd made a quick, smart defensive move while he was being pressured by Laconia’s offensive riders deep in their defensive zone, when he deftly deposited the ball into the hands of goalie Drew Brown. Brown delivered an outstanding performance in goal, turning away numerous Laconia challenges. The Outlaws defense demonstrated alertness with an interception by Matt Crowley, who quickly transferred the ball back to the offense. Accurate passing between players Zach Debay and Derek Cook established how the U-11 team continues to polish their skills and maintains confidence and control of the ball. The U-11 team continues to be promising, making Pelham proud. Let us continue our support. Go, Outlaws! Pelham’s U-13 Outlaws tangled with a tough Laconia team and came out on the short end of an 8-7 score. Goal scorers for Pelham were Steven Jackson with three tallies, Patrick Barry with two, and Devon Russell and Conor Halloran with one each. Midfielders Tim Anderson, Trevor Gagnon, and Russell all had one assist. Russell and Gagnon also led the groundball battle with eight apiece. Defenders Cam Holdsworth, Zach Jackson, and Liam Haskins made it tough for the Laconia offense to get much going. Goalie Brandon Hewson stopped eight shots in keeping Pelham close. Pelham’s U-15 team delivered a dominating, 15-4

win over Laconia this past Sunday to move to 2-0 on the young season. The scoring sheet was crowded, with nine different players contributing goals or assists. Leading the way was midfielder Nick Wolfrom with three goals and three assists. He also was dominant in the face-off circle, winning six of seven draws. Luke Tracy scored five goals and had seven groundballs, while fellow attackmen Justin Beecher (two goals and two assists, eight groundballs), Matt Cerretani (one goal and one assist), and Nick Francoeur (one goal) added offensive power. The midfield was led by Eric Guinasso with two goals, and Michael Chiasson and Ryan Nystrom with one goal and one assist each. Long-pole Joe Costa had an assist and picked up eight groundballs. The defense was led by Tim Callahan, Brent Rubin, and Costa, and goalie Collin Duff- Marsh made seven saves in securing the win. Well wishes go out to long-stick midfielder, Nick Gonsalves, who played the entire game while not feeling well, and had an appendectomy later in the day. Feel better soon, Nick!

Pelham~Windham Sports Pelham~Windham Sports

ace’s group. Come March if Pelham’s people do not support the plan, we will have nothing. We need to do something. Doing something is better than doing nothing. Just remember, it is ‘for the children.’”

“Thumbs down to Bridge Street Hardware

Store. It is bad enough that we have to look at your heavy equipment being displayed on the side of your store. Now you have a storage trailer that displays ‘True Value’ that looks terrible. Why should the residents of Pelham have to look at this eyesore every time we drive down Rte. 38? Get rid of the trailer and put your equipment out back where it belongs. If you have outgrown the space

need to show us some of it. How can you allow a firefighter to remain on staff after admitting publicly to fraud? Credibility is lacking, public trust is turning away from public employees. That’s correct, public employees, all of you who collect a paycheck from the town are our (TAXPAYER) employees.”

“Thumbs down. It’s time we take back our

town! When the fire station was struck the town did not close the firehouse and move because of response times would be affected! My fellow taxpayers, how will building a bigger firehouse further down the road affect or decrease response times? Look past the scare tactics and remember

“Thumbs up to Seal Team Six!!”

Tank you for your submissions. All comments, thumbs up or down, are anonymous and not written by the Pelham~Windham News staff. Tumbs comments can be sent via telephone, 880-1516 or emailed to us at When submitting a Tumbs comment, please specify that you would like it printed in the Pelham~Windham News. No names are necessary. Please keep negative comments to the issue. Comments should be kept to 100 words or less.

Red Storm 12-15 Flag Football Team Takes Granite Bowl Title for Second Consecutive Year

submitted by NHFFL Red Storm On Sunday, April 17, the New Hampshire Flag Football League (NHFFL)

Red Storm 12-15 team took the field to defend their title at the Southern New Hampshire University Granite Bowl flag football tournament. First up were the “Cavs” from Massachusetts. With stellar quarterbacking

from Adam Wentzel and two key touchdowns from Keith Brown, the Red Storm secured the victory with a score of 18-2. Next up were the “NK Thunderbirds” from New Kingstown, PA. They

were no match for the superior quarterbacking of Johnny Granfield, the speed of Matt McLaughlin, or the solid defense by Joe Zollo. The Red Storm won easily with a score of 57-9. In the quarterfinals, the Red Storm met with the other Pelham team, the Pelham Lions.

In this fun match-up, with friends playing friends, the

unstoppable offense of Tom DiMicelli, Dylan Poirier, and Tim Raymond gave the Red Storm the 34-6 win and a trip for the second year in a row to the championship game. The Red Storm met up with the Cavs again in the championship game.

After a long day in the sun and wind, the Red Storm was looking for the win to add to their unbeaten streak. With outstanding offense from Matt Howard and Ryan Demers and a solid team effort, the Red Storm got the win with a score of 19-6 to take the title for the second consecutive year. The Red Storm players would like to thank their wonderful coaches, John Granfield and Vic Brown, for helping them with the victory!

Area Gymnasts Compete in State Championship Red Storm 12-15 Flag Football Team

submitted by Ruth Licata Gym-Ken Gymnastics attended the State

Championship at NHTI in Concord. This was a new venue and a great facility for the weekend- long competitions. Several of the girls achieved their personal bests. Level 8, sixth-place team trophy: Kadianne

Tommasi qualified to compete at Regionals in North Andover on May 1. At states, she scored 8.550 on vault (third), 9.025 on bars (third), 9.125 on beam (second, tie), 8.725 on floor, and 35.425 all-around for second place. Sarah Hale scored 8.350 on vault, 8.550 on bars, 8.350 on beam, 8.875 on floor, and 34.125 all-around. Sarah and Kadie, both from Salem, also compete for Salem High School. Level 7, 12-year-old division: Erica Muse of

Salem scored 9.000 on vault, 7.100 on bars, 8.025 on beam, 8.500 on floor, and 32.625 all- around. Level 6, fifth-place team trophy:

In the 9-10

age division, Alexandra Masone of Windham scored 9.000 on vault, 8.900 on bars, 8.675 on beam, 9.200 on floor, and 35.775 all-around; Victoria Sipes of Windham scored 8.775 on vault, 8.950 on bars, 8.400 on beam, 9.075 on

floor, and 35.200 all-around. In the 11-12 age

division, Samantha Jezak of Windham scored 8.850 on vault (fifth, tie), 9.050 on bars (fifth, tie), 9.175 on beam (third), 8.900 on floor, and 35.975 all-around (fourth). Level 5: Paige Butler of Windham, 10, scored

9.425 on vault (second), 8.900 on bars, 9.425 on beam (third, tie), 9.225 on floor (second), and 36.975 all-around (second). Level 4: The Level 4 team scored 111.325

for fourth place—their highest team score of the season. In the 8-year-old division, Lindsey Brayer of

Windham scored 8.675 on vault, 8.8 on bars, 8.65 on beam, 8.725 on floor, and 34.850 all- around. Ava Gravell of Windham scored 8.925 on vault, 8.55 on bars, 7.28 on beam, 8.35 on floor, and 33.100 all-around. Kiana Roy of Salem scored 9.375 on vault, 9.25 fourth on bars, 8.875 on beam, 9.0 on floor, and 36.50 all-around.

In the 9-year-old division, Sydney

Baldridge of Windham scored 9.25 on vault (seventh), 9.05 on bars, 8.45 on beam, 9.1 on floor (third, tie), and 35.850 all-around. Delaney Cunningham of Windham scored 9.225 on vault, 9.25 on bars, 8.725 on beam, 8.825 on floor,

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and 36.025 all-around. Mary Gallo of Salem scored 9.15 on vault, 9.55 on bars (second, tie), 8.15 on beam, 8.750 on floor, and 35.600 all- around. Taylor Maffeo of Windham scored 8.55 on vault, 8.9 on bars, 9.05 on beam, 8.95 on floor, and 35.450 all-around. Pace McKeon of Windham scored 9.175 on vault, 8.65 on bars, 7.50 on beam, 8.775 on floor, and 34.100 all- around. Caitlin McLaughlin of Salem scored 8.95 on vault, 9.25 on bars, 8.775 on beam, 8.55 on floor, and 35.525 all-around. Hannah Monahan of Windham scored 9.125 on vault, 9.675 on bars (first), 8.875 on beam, 9.0 on floor (fifth, tie), and 36.675 all-around (fifth). Mia Saucedo of Windham scored 8.875 on vault, 8.200 on bars, 8.7 on beam, 8.5 on floor, and 34.275 all-around.

In the 10-year-old division,

Chrissy DePamphilis of Windham scored 9.175 on vault (sixth), 9.275 on bars (third), 9.025 on beam (fourth, tie), 8.925 on floor, and 36.400 all-around. Kylee Tommasi of Salem scored 9.2 on vault (fifth), 9.15 on bars (fourth, tie), 8.7 on beam, 8.95 on floor (fourth), and 36.000 all-around.

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“Thumbs down to those

Plumbing and Heating Serving your Community for over 10 years

who compare assault clips to cars. Of course you can use your car as a weapon. You can also drive your kids to school or you can drive your family to church. So versatile and safe when used as directed!”

“Thumbs down Chief,

why should we believe you?! When you are the leader you have to make the tough decisions not be another yes man! Leadership does come with the title; you

how well ALL public servants treat you. This includes the Selectmen. Start calling them, keep them to their word, remind them they work for us and if they don’t do what is expected, VOTE and have them find a new line of work. The number of calls, manpower and equipment remain the same at the fire department. Why are there no published response times to compare? How many accidents do you expect with the current configuration vs. the roundabouts? What are you not telling the public?”

“Thumbs up to anything that will stop protesters

at our Veterans Funerals. Freedom of speech should only go so far. The line should end there! Wake up America. Respect ALL our Veterans.”

“Thumbs up, WAY UP to the people of England

who; though in huge masses; were respectful and excited during and after the ‘Royal Wedding!’ Would the same thing happen in America? Hmmm. We’ll leave it up to YOU to answer that!”

“Thumbs down to the Pelham High School

coaches who benched their student athletes from games, meets or matches, for vacationing with their families during school vacation week. Many of the students practiced on their own time during vacation. How can the coaches say it is not a punishment to the student?”


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