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Hudson - Litchfield News May 6, 2011 - 17

Comments expressed in this column are the sole views of those callers and do not reflect the views of the Hudson~Litchfield News or its advertisers. Town and school officials encourage readers to seek out assistance directly to resolve any problems or issues. The Hudson~Litchfield News editorial staff holds the right to refuse any comment deemed inappropriate.

“Thumbs up to summer vacations. Don’t

worry. The kiddies will never lose days of their precious summer vacation. Superintendent Bell will just petition the State to waive those make up days and they will. Districts do it all the time. Also, the teachers union would never allow their teachers to work so late into the summer. And if it gets too hot for the kiddies to sit in darkened classrooms watching movies all day ... Supt Bell will just cancel school anyway.”

“Thumbs down to the people who have turned this section of the paper into a written ‘bullying’ section and ‘thumbs down’ to the paper for not realizing that’s what people are doing here. I saw first hand when one of the stars of Cabaret read a ‘thumbs down’ comment about his performance. I was heartbroken when I saw his reaction and for the first time since moving here...I was ashamed of being citizen of Hudson.”

“Thumbs down to travel soccer in Litchfield. When will it not be about the parents and money. We all pay the same money to play but some kids seem to always be on the ‘A’ team even though their skills and attitude

Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down? “We want to be your Mechanic”

of Lenin first class, and the Iron Cross. The selectmen’s meeting room should be changed to the railroading office. Beware Ye all who pass through the doors to the selectmen’s meeting room, you will be giving up your first amendment constitutional right of free speech.”

“Thumbs up to former Hudson police captain. Way to go on your recent trial, ‘not guilty.’

Just like

O.J. Sounds fishy to me.” “Thumbs up to HMS

for the Sound of Music, it was excellent and there is such good talent here in Hudson.”

40 Lowell Rd Unit 7


365-9927 (cel l ) 952-4876 (office)



should put them on the ‘C’ team. It shouldn’t be about the money and who you hang around with. Then again that seems to be the Litchfield way. We can’t wait for middle school.”

“Thumbs up to Dotty, I want to thank you, for being such a wonderful, caring friend. You have such a generous heart, always lending an ear, offering your help. I appreciate your kindness, and your thoughtfulness! God Bless you!”

“Thumbs down to a REC league softball coach that would tell a girl that he did not play her because he wanted to win & made her cry!”

“Thumbs down to parents who don’t want their children to make up snow days. Why wouldn’t you want your children to get the most knowledge out of the school year? The days they have missed in the winter months are the days that important new concepts have been taught and reinforced. What with Sept and Oct being used for review, June is a waste, Christmas, February and April vacations, plus holidays and teacher workshop and conference days add in ‘fun days.’ How much teaching and learning is going on? No wonder people are getting more stupid.”

Beth Lane “Thumbs up to Randy Bell for calling snow

days and keeping the children safe. Maybe we should cancel school in January and February, save heating and plowing costs at schools and go to school all of June and July. After all summer vacations were created so that children could help their families work the farms. Since this isn’t relevant today, buy some fans and send the kids to school.”

“Thumbs up to comrade Jasper and Comrade Coutu, for the stifling of our first amendment rights of free speech. U both deserve the order

“Thumbs up, a great big ‘thumbs up’ and thank you to Lorna Allysa and Kyle. Love, Tiffany, Julianne, Richard, Haley James

Connor and Kevin #7.”


down to the people who are running the Hills Cemetery behind Alvirne Chapel. It

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“Thumbs down to the ATV and Dirt Bike riders who have NO consideration for others. Now that the nice weather is here, sitting out to enjoy the evenings and weekends are impossible due to the noise. Wish there was a law against these vehicles in residential areas. Please cut your neighbors a break!”

“Thumbs down to my neighbors in Sunday, May 15th from 10-2

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the woods, showing absolutely no respect whatsoever. It appears that they need some new blood in there. I can’t understand why they get away with it, they have a chain link fences so you cannot get in there anymore. Yes, it looks immaculate but it also looks like they desecrated the whole cemetery.”

“Thumbs down. By chance, were selectmen

Jasper and Coutu prosecutors in a past life from either the Salem Witch trials or the Spanish inquisition???”

“Thumbs up to police, fire, and highway

for voting for Selectman Jasper. Now you will reap your harvest. Have no fear he will take care of you and your family. At least 10% of you!! [along] with the two selectmen who voted him as chairman of the board. And ‘thumbs up’ to selectmen Nadeau and Maddox for voting ‘no’.”

“Thumbs down to Sam’s Club, for the last

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Litchfield, (Campbell school area), who routinely walk their dogs on MY front lawn & let them defecate & urinate on it, no pooper-scoopers or plastic bags to be seen in their possession. I don’t let my own dog on my front lawn!! I’m trying not to be confrontational here if I don’t have to - so take this hint... keep your dogs off my grass or what you leave behind, will be brought down to your driveway! Thank you.”

“Thumbs down to customers who sit for hours at a servers table in local restaurants. Do you know that we don’t make minimum wage and count on our tips as our income for the night? It is beyond frustrating when someone sits in a jam packed restaurant on a

weekend night or any night for 2-3

hours and by the time that you do decide to leave and tip your 18% the wait is over and I have made

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“Thumbs down, way

down, to our town selectmen in allowing the police chief’s personal vendetta to come before the best interest of the residents of Hudson you represent. The attorney general and NPD only acted on evidence provided by the Hudson police chief. Do you ever ask yourselves why he would do this to his police captain? I hope we get sued and Don Breault wins, hope he spills the beans over what ‘fraternity’ boys club the HPD has become, and hope he gives me the evidence I need for my lawsuit as well.”

“Thumbs down to those

who compare assault clips to cars. Of course you can use your car as a weapon. You can also drive your kids to school or you can drive your family to church. So versatile and safe when used as directed!”

“Thumbs up to the kind gentleman who volunteered

his time late Friday night to help out a stuck motorcyclist on Barretts Hill Road. Thanks for offering to ‘jump’ my motorcycle and not ‘jump’ me, your help was greatly appreciated!”

“Thumbs up to the reunion committee who

is working on the Alvirne Mid 80’s Multi-class bash Reunion! They are working hard at putting together a truly awesome event!”

“Thumbs up to the Musquash Lion! It is so nice to see you again. It was a long hard winter, you look exhausted. Soak up some of these nice rays and you will be your old self again.”

“Thumbs up to Soapy’s Carwash for great customer service and helping a damsel in distress. I hope that is the last time I leave a full DD Large Iced on my roof!”

“Thumbs up to Seal Team Six !!”

“Thumbs up to Obama, he finally made a good decision! Hey I think every American is thrilled that Bin Laden is history. Let’s be cautious optimistic and hope the ‘Anointed

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“Thumbs down to the dog owner that walks on Sunshine Dr. and uses people’s trash barrel to dump his dog poop, right after the barrel had been emptied by Pinard. This is a private barrel and your dog poop was all over our barrel as it had come out of the two plastic bags you threw in there. Be considerate and bring your dog’s poop back to your home.”

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“Thumbs down to the Selectman in Hudson that thinks the Hudson/Litchfield News is ‘unfair’ and the taxpayers who write here have ‘nothing better to do!’ Hey, King S., wanna know what’s really unfair? The assessed value of just about every property in town so you can tax us!!! Taxation without Representation, the core of our country’s value and you do NOTHING about it, but spend!!!”

“Thumbs up. Did you hear what the

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One’ has received the message and will end his destruction of the US Health Care System, end his war on the Middle Class, slash his economy destroying deficit spending, and cut taxes. Is that too much to ask for citizens of Hudson and Litchfield?”

“Thumbs up to Dee for coming to Hudson.” “Thumbs up to Barker, good luck in basic

training and see you in August.” “Thumbs up to Nanna Mary, and

congratulations to Kaitlyn and baby Jack. Hope all goes well. See you in June.”

Tank you for your submissions. All comments, thumbs up or down, are anonymous and not written by the Hudson~Litchfield News staff. Tumbs comments can be sent via telephone, 880-1516 or emailed to us at When submitting a Tumbs comment, please specify that you would like it printed in the Hudson~Litchfield News. No names are necessary. Please keep negative comments to the issue. Comments should be kept to 100 words or less.

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