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Dramatic Lighting is all that is needed in a minimalist space. These lights by Willie Duggan Lighting appear tactile, soft and textured, yet are extremely striking.

If this is on a dimmer switch, all the better. This is where careful planning is important as this light needs to be hung centrally above the table, otherwise, it will look all wrong!


First impressions count, so the lighting in your hall needs to create a welcoming atmosphere. The style of lighting in the hall is dependant on its size and height. Dramatic chandeliers are wonderful in double-height halls or over the stairway. If the ceiling is low, use halogen spots in the ceiling and create warm pools of light with lamps on a console table. Floor-level lighting along the hallway and up the stairway will lead the eye up the stairs, creating a sense of length and height as well as providing additional light for safety reasons, especially at night.


A central pendant light will provide good ambient lighting and you can create interest here by choosing lampshades that co-ordinate with a wallpaper or fabric. Bedside lamps on lockers either side

A colour changing system placed behind the bed changes the mood of the space. The users can manually select their own colour or set the system to automatically scroll through the colour array in a range of times. Skinflint Design

of the bed are essential - for atmosphere, reading and providing a source of light that isn’t too bright. These can be table lamps, wall lamps or small hanging pendants. Remember that task lighting is essential at a dressing table and the light should be positioned to shine on the person, not the mirror, in order to prevent glare. Dimmer switches are a good idea especially for children’s rooms, particularly when young children need a dim light left on at night.

Colour Changing Systems

And if you want to change the mood with a flick of a switch, try mood lighting using colour changes. Colour changing systems are particularly effective when used behind a headboard, for example, or a wall washer light placed on the ground can change the colour of a single wall in a room very dramatically. You could select your own colour depending on the mood you want to create or the lights could repeatedly scroll through an array of colours.

Add majesty to a bedroom with matching lamps either side of the bed. Create impact with striking lampshades that co-ordinate with dramatic wallpaper. Image: Willie Duggan Lighting

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