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US Postage Paid Permit, #65 Brunswick, ME 04011


INSTIGATOR, owned by Ryan Post of Rockland, was a Wayne Beal 40 powered with a 700-hp Volvo diesel, went ashore during a storm on 17 April. She is likely a total loss.


Meeting Summary

The American Lobster Board met to re- view the current version of Draft Addendum XVII, which it initiated to reduce exploitation in the Southern New England (SNE) stock by 50 or 75% to begin stock rebuilding. To re- spond to the Board objectives, the Draft Addendum evaluated multiple input and output control measures, including limited entry, trap limits, minimum and maximum sizes, escape vents, mandatory female v- notch requirements, a male-only fishery, closed seasons, closed areas, and quota- based landing limits to include in the Draft Addendum.

The document acknowledged the effec- tiveness of certain output controls (like a quota based on landings) and input controls. It also looked at the ability to effectively monitor, administer, and uniformly enforce selected management tools in the short and long-term. The Draft Addendum has a two phase approach to initiate SNE stock rebuild- ing, with a preferred option to utilize input controls for an initial short-term period (2-4 years), with the intent to transition all juris- dictions towards effective and uniformly en- forceable long-term management tools. The draft document proposes the imme- diate establishment of a subcommittee to evaluate all jurisdictions ability to monitor various output controls, such as a quota-

based approach. The two phase approach is proposed to allow time for federal regulators to complete their regulatory action intended to align state and federal trap allocations in Area 2, (see Section 2.1.2–for details). The Board discussed the significant impact a 50 to 75% reduction would have on the fishery. Due to this impact, a proposal for a 25 and 50% reduction in traps was presented and added to the document; thus, changing the original purpose of the addendum to reduce exploita- tion by 50 – 75% in exploitation. The Board did not take action to approve the document for public comment at this time. The Plan Development Team (PDT) will add an option for trap reductions to the docu- ment. The State of New Jersey also expressed the desire to gather input from the Area 3, 4, and 5 Lobster Conservation Management Teams (LCMT). The Board agreed that if any additional proposals are to be considered for inclusion in the Draft Addendum they must be presented to the PDT no later than June 15, 2011. Proposals will not be accepted beyond this date.

In May 2010, the Board approved a mo- tion to initiate the development of an adden- dum to respond to the Technical Committee report finding of recruitment failure in the SNE lobster stock area. In response to this motion, the Area 3 LCMT met in October 2010 and presented a rebuilding plan to the Lob- ster Board in November. The Board did not review the Plan at this time but did agree to

include it in Draft Addendum XVII. The PDT’s work on the draft did not address area- specific plans and promoted a single stock- wide approach for the first phase of the pro- posed measures. Therefore, a separate Draft Addendum (XVIII) was developed to ad- dress the LCMT proposed plan for LCMA 3. The Board reviewed the draft addendum which includes a trap reduction plan and changes to the Area 3 transferability plan. The Board has delayed action on the draft until it considers action on Draft Addendum XVII.

For more information, please contact Toni Kerns, Senior Fishery Management Plan Coordinator for Management, at or at 703/842-0740. Motions

Move to add an option for a 25% reduc- tion in Draft Addendum XVII for Public Com- ment. Motion made by Mr. Augustine and seconded by Mr. Adler. Motion fails (0 in favor, 10 opposed).

Move to amend the Draft Addendum with two modifications. First, to establish the timeline for the biological measures by phas- ing the minimum size increase in either over a two or four-year period. Second, to incorpo- rate the language presented by Bill McElroy to accomplish effort reduction and consoli- dation but to add an option of doubling the goal of the program by doubling the target of trap allocation reduction from 25 to 50% on the same timeframe as presented in the pro-

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posal. This means the initial reduction in traps would be 10% with a 5% cut in each year thereafter. Motion made by Mr. McKiernan and seconded by Mr. Gibson. Motion passes (Roll Call Vote: In favor – ME, NH, MA, RI, CT, NY, DE, MD, NMFS; Opposed – NJ; Abstentions – VA, NC).

Move to amend to exclude Areas 4 and 5 from Draft Addendum XVII for Public Com- ment. Motion made by Mr. Himchak and seconded by Mr. Augustine. Motion fails (3 in favor, 7 opposed).

Move to postpone taking Draft Adden- dum XVII to public comment until the August Board Meeting. Motion made by Mr. Adler and seconded by Mr. Himchak. Motion passes (6 in favor, 4 opposed).


Meeting Summary

The Atlantic Herring Section reviewed the status of the 2010 fishery. Preliminary landings based on a comparison of IVR and VTR data suggest that there were no overages in Area 1A and 1B as was previ- ously thought. Final landings should be available around summer 2011.

The Section also considered Draft Ad- dendum III, which proposed to allocate one or two additional landing days to small mesh bottom trawl and small purse seine vessels

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