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By Lorna Sixsmith

Wow your walls with wallpaper

If the wallpaper has quite a busy pattern, ensure that the pattern of the sofa, fl ooring and lamps is plain in order to contrast and stand out against the pattern. Wallpaper by Designers Guild

Spring and early summer are the perfect seasons for decorating, light is at its best, our energy is increasing with the longer days and we are inspired to create a new look within our homes.

Wallpaper is back with a bang, feature walls have been popular for many years and while they have lessened in popularity, they are still ‘in vogue’ partly due to some rooms being overwhelmed by wallpaper on all four walls, somewhat due to the cost, and partly due to people’s nervousness of decorating with wallpaper.

So, how do you decide whether to wallpaper the whole room or a single wall? Look at the size and shape of the room. Does it have a ‘natural feature wall’ such as the chimney breast wall in a living room or a blank wall behind the bed in the bedroom (unbroken by windows for example) or in the bathroom? If the room feels off-centre, for example, if it is a long living room with windows at one end, doors at the other and the fi replace isn’t central, it may be best to paint or wallpaper the whole room.

If the room

has limited furniture and is of a reasonable size, a patterned wallpaper on all four walls will look wonderful. Remember too, that wallpaper in the smallest room in the house (the downstairs loo) will be superb and this is where you can really be brave and go for a vivid design as it can carry it. 30

Feature Wall A feature wall is created by making one wall in the room the main focus of the room. Ideally it should be a blank wall, that is, uninterrupted by doors or windows. It is usually the wall that is opposite the entry door into the room.

The easiest way to create a feature wall is to wallpaper it in its entirety. Most feature walls require two or three rolls of wallpaper. However, for the look to work successfully, remember to continue the same colour or pattern of the feature wall around the room, be it in cushions, a rug, vases or pictures. Don’t expect the feature wall to work in isolation or it won’t blend with the décor of the rest of the room.

Other ways to create a feature

wall with wallpaper So you have decided to create a feature wall but you want to do something different rather than wallpapering the whole wall - here’s a few ideas: • Wallpaper panels either side of the headboard in a master bedroom works beautifully and co-ordinate with either matching cushions or co-ordinating cushions on the seating and the bed. • Wallpaper the alcoves either side of your fi replace. You could either wallpaper the full width of the alcove

or use a wallpaper panel or a single strip of wallpaper in each. Placing beading as a frame around the strip of wallpaper will make it look as though this was intentional and not intended to be a cheap way around your decorating! Alternatively you could paint the feature wall in the

Wall paper placed horizontally, either singly or in multiples, creates a vivid feature wall. Woven Flower wall panels by Scandinavian Surface, €80 each at

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