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A fairytale fi lled with LOVE

collection of fi ve children’s fairytales that will hit the book shelves this coming June.


Written by Waterford women Eileen Power and Joanne Denn, along with their friend Derek O’Neill, the book, which is magnifi cently illustrated by artist Karen Goldsmith, tells the tale of Lucinda, who travels to the mystical world of Love Filled Fairyland.

Introduced to the world where only love is felt, Lucinda meets some wonderful characters, including Mayor Socks, The beautiful Fairy Linda and Fairy Lilly Peace.

ucinda in Loved Filled Fairyland is the fi rst in a

The book is designed for children from ages three to eight, fi rst as a story to be read to them and later, a fairytale they can read all on their own.

The series of books will be based on the fi ve human values, love, peace, truth, non violence and right conduct.

Eileen and Joanne are both known for their philanthropic work in Waterford, having fundraised for an orphanage in India for many years, while Derek, who is a hypnotherapist and psycho therapist, has also set up his own charity SQ-Foundation (, which provides the means to bring shelter, clean water, food, medicine, clothing, education and more to people and animals in need around the world.

According to Joanne, the motivation behind the story is to get the message of love and human values out there.

Joanne Denn Eileen Power Derek O’Neil CROS SWORD

“There is so much fi ghting and violence in front of kids these days, in all those video games and on television. We need to teach them to respect all living

things. Children can as easily be taught to love and respect each other”, she said.

Eileen agrees, saying “There is no difference between any of us, there is unity in diversity. We are all different but need to see each other as the same, no matter colour or creed. Everyone can relate to love, no matter what.”

The book, which will be available in the Book Centre and all good book shops, or, is priced at €10. There will also be a limited edition run with the book on CD and the authors will be signed at various libraries during June and July.

For more check out the website www.lucindainlovefi

by Lynda Murphy

by Kieran Sullivan

ACROSS 4 National fl ag with Waterford roots (9) 5 Shower condiment (7) 8 Fresh-salt-fresh water fi sh (6) 9 Queen Elizabeth's husband (7) 11 Language of ancient scholars (5) 12 Hemisphere roof (4) 13 Chubby Checker's dance (5)

DOWN 1 Pub game of arrows & board (5) 2 Bart & Lisa's surname (7) 3 Ancestral home of Barack Obama? (8) 4 Home town of Rose festival (6) 6 "To be __ ___ to be" (2,3) 7 Beatles song, ____ to Ride (6) 8 Used for soup & trad music sessions (6) 10 Joint between thigh & shin bones (4)





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