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Body If you haven’t been doing this already, exfoliate your whole body each and day in the shower with a body brush and moisturize all over afterwards paying particular attention to elbows, ankles and kness.

1 WEEK Waxing

Now is the time to defl uff and get rid of any unwanted furry bits! Get your waxing done now, legs underarms and bikini. TIP: Take a couple of painkillers BEFORE you go in to lessen the pain.

1 day 3 words - manicure, pedicure and tan

W-DAY After your shower put on a robe or button up blouse, there’s no point getting the hair done and having to pull a jumper off over your head! Relax - let everyone else doing everything for you.

Oh, eat breakfast! Champagne on an empty stomach is no one’s friend Enjoy

Contact freelance Make-Up Artist Sinead Sullivan I.T.E.C., C.I.B.T.A.C., CIDESCO at or ‘like’ her on www.facebook. com/MakeUpWaterford

Courtesy of Mulligan’s Chemists with 14 locations, there’s one near you, we have 2x Spa White


Teeth Whitening treatments worth €129 each to give away. Mulligan’s perform the Spa White teeth whitening at their Tramore and City Square pharmacies to win simply identify the owner of these pearly whites! email your answer by 20/5/2011 to

…and for the groom Ask the expert - Will Lee, Fitzgerald Menswear

What are the most popular groom outfi ts at the

moment? We have been supplying the groom for over 50 years and with all the trend and fashion changes that have taken place in that period,

clients still refer back to the strong basics, notably the traditional evening tails and the ¾ length Lord Edward style.

Who should they bring with

them to try on suits? The most important person - the bride to be! There’s a famous saying “Too many cooks spoil the broth”, well that applies here. Having too many opinions from

others can cause confusion and cloud your vision. For the bride and groom it’s going to be the most important day of their lives and therefore, with our professional, expert advice, they can relax knowing they’ll make the correct choice for them.

Can you supply accessories such as cravats, cummerbunds, ties, waistcoats, pocket handkerchiefs

etc? A groom and his party wouldn’t be unique and complete without some accessories. We cater for every member of the party’s attire. From an extensive range of shirts, neckwear and waistcoats to unique cuffl inks and pocket watches.

Do grooms want to look the same as their best man and the

father of the bride? While in keeping with the overall look, grooms want to and should be distinguishable from the rest of the party. After all, it's his day! Some choose subtle changes such as a simple change in neckwear colour or style, with others choosing a complete change in jacket and waistcoat.

How many weeks before the wedding should the groom visit

a men’s attire shop? There are no set rules on this. However from experience we suggest that the groom

and bride-to-be should consider making an appointment six to eight weeks prior to their wedding day. Expert advice is essential and can never come too early.

Is it better to hire or buy a suit? The answer to this lies solely on the individual. Each groom is different and each situation needs to be approached and advised uniquely. However, in these recessionary times, and taking into account the overall expense of the day, value for money is on the top of every clients list, so renting is a more feasible option.

Fitzgerald Menswear, 6 Barronstrand Street, Waterford. Tel: 051 – 855055 Email: fi Fitzgerald Menswear cater for all occasions, from casual to formal, for all ages, sizes and shapes, with a beautiful private wedding showroom on the top fl oor.


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