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by Sinead Sullivan - Make-Up Artist

Countdown to W-Day

the photographer..but what about you?


From about six months before the wedding you should really start making sure that you’re looking and feeling the best you can. This means taking care of yourself inside and out. As my mother always said: Proper preparation prevents poor performance!

Get the look The Classic Red Lipped


This look is so simple to achieve yet amazingly stylish. The red lip does require maintenance throughout the night, but come on, admit it, what bride isn’t high maintenance!

Products used: Base - Lancome Le Base Pro

Foundation - Estee Lauder Doublewear light –shade 2 (mixed with a little Mac Strobe Cream for added dewiness) Concealer - Mac Studio Finish Concealer in NW 20 Powder - Clinique Redness Solutions fi xing powder Cheeks - Benefi t Hoola Eyes - Lancome’s Renergie Yeux Multiple Lift Rejuvenating Eye Duo - to brighten the area and Mac Strobe Cream again on the lids to catch the light Yves Saint Laurent- Exagegrated Lashes, Waterproof Lips - Barry M lipstick in shade 141 and Barry M Dazzle Dust in shade 85 to set.


o you have everything booked, the church, the hotel,

6 MONTHS Exercise

Begin excercising if you don’t already, a 30-45 min walk everyday will increase your endorphins and increase your bloodfl ow also increasing your metabolism and generally make you feel better coupled with a good diet with plenty of lean protein, fruit and veg with along with complex carbohydrates will have you looking and feeling your absolute best.


you intend to lose a few pounds or tone up, now’s the time to begin.

Facial routine Start exfoliating your face after cleansing at least once a week. Use an acid based exfoliator (one without harsh grains) and moisturize morning and night. If you are doing all this, you shouldn’t have to bother with any other facial treatments prior to the big day.

Supplements Begin taking any extra supplements now – I’ve recently been converted to the virtues of collagen tablets, great for hair skin and nails and readily available in health food stores.


Decide on your hairstylist now, make an appointment to discuss what looks you like - bring in photos from magazines.

Make Up Research make-up artists - it could get expensive going for lots of trials so get recommendations fi rst. I really do advise that you have a makeup artist do you on your big day (well I would

wouldn’t I?) - but with all the rushing about on the morning of the wedding, you’ll thank me for this advice.

Tan Now’s also the time to experiment with your tan to get one that you’re really happy with, whether going for a spray tan or doing it yourself.

Eyebrows Start getting your eyebrows into shape by a professional now – growing any sparse ones or taming any unruly ones. Top Tip: Eyebrow Threading is the method favoured by celebs because of its preciseness and the fact it doesn’t irritate the skin like waxing. I personally love it! Most salons offer threading now, with Sam McCauley’s being one of my favourites

1 MONTH Make Up

Have your makeup trial with your makeup artist and take a photo of the fi nished look to make sure you’re happy.

Hair If you’re wearing a veil/ headpiece bring it to your hairstylist if you’re not happy, now’s the time to speak up.

Teeth if you’re getting your teeth whitened do it now. I recently tried the teeth whitening service offered at Mulligan’s Chemist in City Square and Tramore and it’s amazing! None of that horrible nerve pain you get from traditional teeth bleaching.

by MakeUpWaterford!

2 WEEKS Hair Get your Final hair trim and/or your colour (now is NOT the time to try anything new or drastic). Confi rm all your appointments (this may seem a little OCD, but believe me, I’ve seen double bookings happen before!)

Tip - A lot of our memories are triggerd by the senses, a song we heard, the taste of an amazing meal, a smell…and I’m always

grateful that a friend told me before I got married to choose a perfume just specifi cally for the wedding day,

she said ‘each time you smell it

afterwards it will remind you of the best day of your life!’ Well I did, and it does! If you’re looking for a new scent try Lancome Trio of O’s available in stores from June 1st. The three perfumes, called ‘O de LAncome; O D’Azur and O De L’Orangeie, are light fresh summer fragrances in a cult designer bottle.

It comes highly recommended

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