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Dental Center DR. MARIKA STONE D.D.S.


UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS COME BACK AROUND Every dollar spent on unemployment

benefits generates real economic growth. The Congressional Budget Office says you get $1.90 back for every dollar of un- employment compensation. Mark Zandi at Moody's says you get $1.61. The Labor Department says $2. Any way you add it up, it provides an




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WWW.MILLPOINTDENTALCENTER.COM Best worn without varicose veins.

immediate boost to the local economy be- cause the unemployed spend that money in their communities. Want to help a local small business or a small chain like Bi-Mart, Grocery Outlet or Food4Less? Extend unemployment compensation to jobless workers. Tax cuts for the wealthiest folks in

town, people who still have income and savings accounts, are windfall gains that will more likely be stashed away in that savings account or perhaps spent on a va- cation somewhere else, maybe not even in the U.S. Don't get me wrong. I have no problem

with people taking vacations and going wherever they want to go. I'm just say- ing that if you really honestly want to improve the economy you should extend unemployment benefits and end the tax cuts for the rich. It's not only the smart thing to do, it's

the right thing to do if you really care about people who are down and out in any American community—rural, urban, suburban, ex-burb, whatever label you choose. Rep. Greg Walden apparently doesn't know that. His local office num- ber is 541-389-4408 and a toll free call from the 541 area code can be made to 1-800-533-3303. Give him a call. - Michael Funke

MILLER’S LANDING PROJECT PUSHES FORWARD The Source graciously delivered the

When you’re dressing to be the belle of the ball, varicose veins can be a real fashion no-no. To get rid of those party crashers, you may

want to consider Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT) at the Vein Center at BMC—the region’s premier laser vein therapy center. Using laser energy, EVLT painlessly seals the vein closed in an outpatient setting.

To schedule a consultation, call 541-317-4310. Because varicose veins are so yesterday. Vein_Dress_2010_TS.indd 1 6/14/10 3:41 PM

Glass Slipper to the Miller's Landing project and all who have been working hard to turn this vacant riverfront prop- erty into a community park. For that, I thank you. However, we're not done yet. To date, we have secured over $1.66 mil- lion, but our purchase price is $1.8 mil- lion. Before TPL can convey the property to the Park District we need to close the funding gap. We have received incred- ible support from private individuals, businesses, public grants and founda- tions and for that we are grateful. If you appreciate Bend's riverfront park sys- tem and if you would like to see Miller's Landing become a new community park, please consider making a donation and help TPL close the funding gap. One hun- dred percent of all contributions to the Miller's Landing project go toward pur- chasing the property. Please visit www. to make a contribution and learn more. Sincere thanks! - Kristin Kovalik, Miller's Landing Project Manager

The Trust for Public Land

WAR ON TERROR? One expects an expanded perspec-

tive from the Source, so it was with dis- appointment that I read Bruce Miller’s recent column headlined “The Terrorist Threat Gets Too Close For Comfort.” (Wandering Eye, 12/2) In it, Mr. Miller informs us that “the threat of terrorism came home to Oregon…as the FBI foiled an alleged plot to detonate a huge bomb next to Portland’s Pioneer Square.” This might sound picky, but did the FBI “foil” the plot or did it “create” the plot? It courted and groomed the teenage sus- pect, built the bomb (and so is accountable for its “hugeness”), and loaded the bomb into a delivery van. That doesn’t sound to me like “foiling” the plot. A few years ago, Rolling Stone magazine published the sort of article that is all but extinct in the mainstream media. It described one case after another in which the FBI has entrapped dead-end losers into con- cocting feckless terror plots under the watchful eyes of undercover agents. The article begins with a case in which the FBI paid $8,500 to a former crack dealer with a conviction for attempted robbery to encourage a would-be jihadist to blow up a mall in Illinois. Since the “jihad- ist,” a video game store clerk with no car and less than $100 in the bank, could not afford any weapons of mini, much less mass, destruction, the FBI informant arranged to get him four fake grenades and a neutered hand gun in exchange for some used stereo speakers. The other cases described in the article are equally dubious, and bear a striking similarity to the recent escapades in Portland. You can find the story by Googling

“Fear Factory Rolling Stone.” Personally, I’d rather see taxpayer dollars spent on something other than setting up crazy but otherwise harmless people to make newspaper headlines and stoke false fears. I’d also like it if the Source would do its homework and in the future offer a balanced—some would say rational—per- spective on the so-called War on Terror. - Matt Orr

EAT IT, HIPPIES Rejoice, citizens of Bend, the great

goose harvest is back. Mother Nature, in her infinite wisdom, has provided us with an annual bounty of delicious, sustain- able, organic meat. With proper manage- ment, we can all rest easy knowing that local food banks can receive an influx of nourishment every year, right when they need it most, the dead of winter. Given how recently we collected our last crop of geese, it’s encouraging to see how quickly the numbers have bounced back. Canada (socialist) geese are a thoroughly unendangered species, with no rights, trans fat or aversion to repopulating the killing fields (Drake Park). Though many unwashed local hippies protested the last “massacre,” we’ve been blessed with yet another overabundance of these cuddly poop factories. I’ve even had the privilege of hearing some of the non-

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