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Summer 2 0 0 9 Edition 1 3

One Voice From The Editor

Welcome to the Summer edition of One Voice. You will notice that the design and layout has changed. I do hope you like it. Please remember that this is YOUR newsletter so if you have any comments either positive or negative I would be pleased to hear from you.

In this packed edition there are some great ideas for holidays, we explain why and how you can help extend our NMC volunteer community and we fill you in on important changes in the physiotherapy department.

Like many of you, my muscle strength is deteriorating, and some days it seems at quite a rapid rate!. However, as long as we keep having our physiotherapy and/or hydrotherapy, and remain as mobile and active as we are able, we are doing all we can to help maintain what muscle strength we have and lead a full and active life.

It seems summer is here at last so try and take advantage of this weather and treat yourself to a day out or book that well deserved break away!

Have a great summer and best wishes to you all. NMC Will Survive The Credit Crunch ...

Following on from our NMC Staff Day at the end of March, there were some key themes that we wanted to share with clients, their carers and families as they will affect each and every one of us in the NMC Community.

The best year ever! * The financial year -

2008/09 was the best year the NMC has ever had!We had an income of £690k which was absolutely fantastic. * Our mission is to provide a service and we did just that delivering services at a cost of £688k. * That left us with a profit of £2k, which has been reinvested in the NMC.

* The Design and Print business has won numerous awards including Best Social Enterprise 2008.

A Tough Year Ahead

HOWEVER, as we all know the economic climate is very difficult at the moment and will remain so for quite some time to come. Charities are going to be particularly badly hit as businesses cut their charitable donations and everybody has less disposable income. To this end, many charities both nationally and locally will not survive.

We can ALL help!

The NMC will survive BUT it is going to be a very very

tough year.We must not be complacent - we will all need to do our bit to help get through these difficult times - whether we are a member of staff, a client, a carer, a volunteer - whatever our role in the NMC community.

We need to extend our team of NMC volunteers in order that we can do more and spread the word about NMC. There are so many different ways in which you and your families / friends can help. Please see article on Volunteering.

Together we will ensure that NMC not only survives, but thrives in these difficult times.


• Su r v i v i n g t h e c r e d i t c r u n c h

• A New Ph y s i o Te am

• Vo l u n t e e r i n g f o r t h e NMC

• Vo l u n t e e r o f t h e mo n t h

• Au t oma t i o n i n t h e h ome

• NMC Su p p o r t - Ma s s a g e wo r k s h o p a h i t

• Ca r e r s News

• Tr a ve l l i n g wi t h a d i s a b i l i t y

• Mo t o r i n g - t o l l s a n d a u t oma t i c e x emp t i o n s

• NMC p r o f i l e - Ni c k Eme r y

• Da t e s f o r y o u r Di a r y….

P r o d u c e d b y N M C D e s i g n + P r i n t - P a r t o f t h e N e u r o M u s c u l a r C e n t r e


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