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NMC link with Social Work Degree Course

As a result of a link established with Helen Fluin from the University Of Chester (Warrington Campus) at The NMC Open Day last year, Leila Goodwin, a first year student on the Social Work Degree course spent an eight week placement at the NMC. Leila started with a blank canvas and her objective was to gain an insight into the discrimination that disabled people face in their day to day living. Whilst at the NMC, Leila carried out case studies and wanted to find out why people use the Centre, and the benefits they gained from a personal, social, emotional, and physical viewpoint. She also helped sign post individuals to agencies, services and equipment. In partnership with Matthew and Heather she helped build links with a local school, Leaf Lane Infants, and was part of an assembly. She also participated in a "long term conditions" seminar. Leila was a great asset to the NMC. Hopefully, we will be able to welcome more students from the Social Work Degree Course in the future.

* NMC l i n k w i t h S o c i a l Wo r k D e g r e e C o u r s e

* P h y s i o N e w s * E x e r c i s e * C a r e r s U p d a t e * S c o t i a H e i g h t s * H o l i d a y s a n d D a y s O u t

* F u n d i n g f o r i n d i v i d u a l s

* D a t e s f o r y o u r D i a r y

Leila Goodwin


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