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During the post-partum period many women are anxious to get back to their pre-baby fitness regimen.* For previously active women, this can be particularly true. Running with your baby in a specially designed running stroller (also known as a baby jogger) is a great way to get out- side and to get active with your new bundle of joy in tow.

But when is it safe to start running with your baby? Most running stroller manufacturers recommend running with babies aged six to 12 months and older. Calgary-based Chariot Carriers says you can start running with a Chariot Carrier fitted with their Infant Sling when your baby is six months old, though they recommend sticking to flat surfaces until the baby is one year of age.

When deciding when to start running with your baby consider: » the recommendations of your family physician, » the running stroller manufacturer’s suggestion and availability of additional infant support accessories, and » Safe Kids Canada guidelines.

*always consult with your family physician before resuming exercise after the birth of

your baby and when deciding if your baby is ready to ride.

Chariot Carrier fitted with Infant Sling Physicians seem reluctant to take an official

position on the issue. When we contacted the Canadian Paediatric Society for this story they declined comment. Safe Kids Canada, the national injury

prevention program of The Hospital for Sick Children, offers the most solid guidelines in this regard: Jogging strollers should not be used until children are at least one year old. Children need good head and neck control to support a bike helmet and handle the movement and bouncing involved in the ride. It is recommended that a child in a jogging stroller wear a helmet as it will provide protection if the stroller was to tip over or collide with another hard obstacle. There are no helmets available for children under one year.

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Race Etiquette While many races discourage or outright prohibit the use of running strollers, some events do allow them. Some even offer special start-times or stroller-friendly runs. Before you show up at the start line contact race organizers to find out if they allow running strollers and if so, under what circumstances. On race day, consider other runners who may not be as smitten with your stroller as you are. Run with courtesy in mind and follow these important etiquette tips: 1. Become a back-of-the-packer. You’re not going to set a PB with your stroller, but another racer might be trying to. Start at the back and let runners in front of you get off with a head start. 2. Run in a straight line. Weaving in and out of other runners is not safe for them or for your child. Maintain a straight line and steer clear of other runners whenever possible. 3. Yield to other runners. No matter the circumstance, runners without strollers have the right-of-way. Allow them to pass easily and stick to one side of the course. continued on next page


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