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Working in partnership

Working locally

In 2010 we worked in partnership with 207 organisations, including schools, community groups, the police, youth offending teams, charities and other agencies to intervene in, and transform, the lives of young people across the UK.

This is generating a growing pool of young people, adults, communities and organisations with the skills to prevent and resolve conflicts. The end results include communities that are empowered, safer and stronger; and organisations that have the confidence and skills to work more effectively across the board, not only with young people.

Our work at the corporate level includes training for a whole range of clients from law firms to FTSE 100 companies – proof positive that our training and techniques are relevant and valuable for everyone.

By working in partnership, we aim to develop a critical mass of young people (and the adults who work with them) making an active contribution to their local community – transforming their own lives and the lives of others.

With support from Leap, local communities are working with agencies and other organisations to transform the lives of young people and those around them. Our local partners provide ongoing support for individual young people, helping them into our programmes, and helping them build on what they have learned. They identify, refer and recruit young people who are in conflict, and provide support, guidance and tangible routes for their future progress.

Leap worked with 207 organisations in 2010. We have worked with 668 organisations over the last three years.

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