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ACHIEVINGWELL BEING There is no doubt that caregiving, even in the best of circumstances, is stressful. Stress, however, in and of itself is not bad. It is how we respond to it that can challenge our well being.

AFOUNDATION FORWELL BEING There are many simple things that we can do for ourselves, on a day-to-day basis to form a foundation for well being. Although they may have been heard before, how many of the beneficial activities listed below, which cost little to nothing, and require little time, do you do for yourself? Look over this list, try some of the activities, see how they make you feel, make your own personal list and work at supporting your well

being on a daily basis. - Nurture your biological-psychological-social-spiritual self - know what nurtures you. - Surround yourself with people who make you feel good. - Read, visit bookstores or the library, share books among friends. - Make your home a place you look forward to going to. - -

Drink water. Eat three balanced meals daily.

- Get enough sleep/rest. -

Bring nature into your home with plants or flowers.

- Consider a pet. - Aromatherapy, the use of essential oils and perfumes to facilitate healing. Lavender is a good choice.

- Conscious breathing with mediation. Sitting quietly and comfortably, close your eyes, and breathe slowly in and out through your nose to the count of five. Try doing this for a few minutes throughout the day and whenever you are feeling anxious.

- -

Exercise regularly – daily if possible. Exercise comes in many forms. Finding what fits with one's lifestyle and caregiving responsibilities is critical to making it a part of routine activities. Allow yourself leisure time.

- Use humor: - -


read funny books or jokes. listen to funny tape.

- watch humorous movies or videos that make you laugh.

Incorporate activities that give you pleasure even when you don't really feel like it. Listen to music, work in the garden, engage in a hobby…whatever it is that you enjoy.

- Pamper yourself. - - - -

Take a warm bath and light candles.

Find some time for a manicure or a massage. Try to set a time for afternoons or evenings out.

Seek out friends and family to help you so that you can have some time away from the home. If it is difficult to leave, invite friends and family over to visit with you. Share some tea or coffee. It is important that you interact with others.

- Have goals and fulfill them. - Do kind acts.

Some information adapted from: There is no

exercise better for the heart than reaching out and

lifting people up. Unknown

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