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B6 APRIL 20-26, 2011 Gwendolyn Baines Gwendolyn

I no longer watch the news!

(NNPA)—Dear Gwen-

dolyn: A year ago, I stopped

looking at the local and na- tional news. It is too sad and makes me have a bad day thinking of all the ter- rible happenings around the world. There are too many wars and too many parents killing their little children. Why is this, Gwendolyn? If a person wants to end life, then end his/her own. Everyday somewhere a mother can’t seem to manage and de- cides to put an end to it all. I can’t understand this.—Frances Dear Frances: My advice is to keep

watching the news. You need to know when deadly storms are approaching or a different route is to be taken due to road closures. I am grateful I had a mother who loved her children and did not let the lack of finance look at her children with regret. I am also fortunate I had a mother who gave us good solid advice such as; always keep plenty dried beans and to buy potatoes and other staple foods. She told us to pay for shelter before considering payments to anything else. (Example: car pay- ments don’t come before rent or mortgage). Frances, these mothers have almost died out. They had no problem sep- arating the love for their children from the devasta- tion of a broken marriage or courtship. Let me tell you this:

From a child, people are

programmed to naturally feel they will grow up and find theirMr. Right orMs. Right—and then live hap- pily ever after. When this does not happen, they fore- see no tomorrow. Yes, these old ladies were the shoulders people (the vil- lage) leaned on. Therefore, until the teachings of today can go back and save a lit- tle of those teachings of yesterday, then the news of tomorrow won’t just have sadness but—joy as well. (copyright © 2011 by Gwendolyn L. Baines) (Got a problem, email Gwen-

dolyn Baines at: gwen- or write to her at Nevada Publishing Co., P.O. Box 10066, Raleigh, NC 27605-0066 (to receive a reply, send a self-addressed stamped envelope.)

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by AshleyG.Woodson For New Pittsburgh Courier

This week I visited The Improv in Homestead, St. Benedict theMoor Hall

in the Hill District, The Greater Pittsburgh Coliseum in Homewood and Mélange Bistro Lounge, Downtown. My first stop was at the Greater Pittsburgh Coliseum in Homewood where

the City Sharkers held their annualOld-Timers cabaret for the City of Pitts- burgh.The place was packed and everyone came out to get their party on and have a great time. My next stopwas at St. Benedict theMoorHall in theHillDis-

trict where theWilliams family held their annual family reunion. It was great to see everyone come together for a fun event. My next stop was at the Melange Bistro Lounge, Down-

town, where singer Amanda Knox held it down for the crowd as they listened to her belt out hit after hit. My next stop was the Improv inHomestead, where R&B

group Artistree made history by being the first singing group to perform at the venue. This event also fea- tured Flo Wilson and the Old School, Chico Williams, and David “The Frog” Bey as the host. Congratulations to Artistree for continu- ing to break boundaries in the music scene in Pittsburgh. You can also look out for Artistree to open up for Charlie Wilson, May 8, at the Monroeville Convention Center. You know Brotha Ash has a REAL CONNEC-

TION to the community. Please send all of your party and event

information to and I’ll see you 8 7 12 10

2901-2911 Penn Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Wednesday, April 20th KARAOKE NIGHT

DJ X-MAN 8:30 PM Tequila Wednesdays

Thursday, April 21st

Jazz Jam Session 8 PM Friday, April 22nd

DJ Mike the Punisher 9 PM Happy Hour 5-7 PM

Saturday, April 23rd

From Cleveland, OH Russell Thompson Smooth Jazz 9 PM

Sunday - Tuesday CLOSED

FREE Parking • No Cover

DINNER DAILY 5-10 PM Call 412-642-2377


In The Strip District 11 13 7246 KELLY STREET PITTSBURGH, PA15208



Drink Specials&$1 Tacos DJ TRACEY LEE

WEDNESDAY Ruff Ryder Bacardi night $3 bacardi DJ ROK


$3 Hennessy&GreyGoose LIVE BANDFRIDAYS

LIVE BAND7-10 DJ Tracey Lee SATURDAY DJ Tracey Lee

SOUL FOODSUNDAYS-Smoke Band 4-7pm&Karaoke 8-1am








next weekOUT AND ABOUT! 1.) R&B group Artistree, FloWilson, ChicoWilliams and host David “The

Frog” Bey made history at the Improv in Homestead. 2.) R&B group Artistree makin’ history by being the first singing group to

perform live at the Improv in Homestead. 3.) Singer ChicoWilliams performin’ at the Improv in Homestead, Pa. 4.) FloWilson performin’ at the Improv in Homestead. 5.) Singer Sterling of Artistree belting out one of their hits at the Improv in Homestead. 6.)The one and onlyBrookeBurchette showing everyone howit’s done at the Greater Pittsburgh Homewood Coliseum. 7.) Members of the Williams family representin’ at the family re-

union held at St. Benedict theMoor Hall in the Hill District. 8.) The one and only AdrianWilliams-Locke with her dadNorman

Williams at the family reunion held at St. Benedict theMoor Hall in the Hill District. 9.) The pioneers of theWilliams family, who hold it all to- gether, (From left in the back: Darlene and Elanore), (from left in the front: Norman, Elmer and Darlene aka Lenny) 10.) Angela Stribling and Dell Saunders of


Brotha Ash Productions at the Improv in Homestead. 11.) Songstress Amanda Knox singin’ her heart out at Mélange Bistro Lounge in Down-

town, Pittsburgh. 12.) Steve and Dana representin’ at the City Shark-

ers Cabaret at the Greater Pittsburgh Homewood Coli- seum. 13.) The City Sharkers holdin’ it down at the

Greater Pittsburgh Homewood Coliseum. 14.) Carl Jordan chillin’ at the City Sharkers Cabaret at the Greater Pittsburgh Homewood.

9 Ask


NEWPITTSBURGH COURIER Artistree, Flo Wilson and Chico Williams made history at Improv


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