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Woodworm - Help & Information Pack

Woodworm – The Problem Woodworm is a wood-boring insect attack that can cause structural damage in buildings and is unsightly. There are a number of wood-boring insects that attack timber in properties in the UK.

Woodworm is a description commonly and loosely applied to all wood-boring beetles. The life cycle of the wood boring beetle is normally always near completion before most property owners are even aware they have a problem. After mating the female beetle will lay her eggs into cracks and on the rough surfaces of the structural timbers, which will then hatch and begin tunnelling into the timber.

The number of eggs and larval stage of the beetle will vary according to the species. Larvae will pupate and after several weeks the adult beetles will develop and commence boring their way out of the timber to mate. Having mated the female beetle will again lay her eggs on the timber and the life cycle starts again.

Woodworm – The Solution

Timberwise have over four decades of experience in the treatment of these insect pests. Our fully trained and experienced surveyors will correctly determine whether treatment is necessary in the first place. The wrong identification of the insect can often lead to costly and unnecessary solutions. With Timberwise you can be sure we will provide the correct woodworm treatment to eradicate your woodworm infestation.

Our Surveyors will identify:

• The type of insect and extent of the woodworm infestation • Whether the infestation is active or inactive • How much structural damage, if any, has occurred • What woodworm treatment is best for your property

Following Inspection:

We shall draw up the correct specification for the elimination of the woodworm infestation, and state any special requirements for difficult pests eg. Death Watch Beetle or House Longhorn.

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