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Vision in Action A Vision 2015 Update

In 2004, the City of Saint John realized it was in need of real change. Change that could help the City address its financial challenges and the increasing demand for quality services. The City contracted Chartwell Inc., an external consultant to conduct an operational review.

Vision 2015 – Program of Excellence is the result of the review. The primary recommendation was the creation of a plan for continuous improvement that would involve both the organization of the City of Saint John and the community. It was determined the year 2015 would be when citizens would see the results.

The core element of the plan was a vision defined by the citizens themselves: “Our Saint John, Canada's first city, will lead the nation as a sustainable community.” Our Saint John has two parts, the vision statement itself and a set of 20-year community goals.

Where are we now?

The Vision 2015 project charter describes a long-term, integrated Planning Framework to help City employees translate the community’s vision into action. The framework will ensure City services are planned and delivered to support the achievement of the vision and goals – ensuring City services have an impact on things that matter to Saint Johners.


A number of projects defined in the framework have been completed, including: Council priorities, an Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP), service delivery plans, and a corporate strategic plan.

On the Planning Framework below, blue is the community and council, red is the administration.

Our Saint John, the community vision is how the community wants to see itself in the future. The 20-year community goals reflect the Melbourne Principles of Sustainability. Over 35,000 pieces of information were collected to develop Our Saint John. Adopted in 2006.

The Integrated Community Sustainability Plan was developed by over 40 stakeholders. This is how the community can support Our Saint John. Adopted in 2008.

Council has set priorities for 2009-2012.

The Corporate Strategic Plan was developed by City managers and demonstrates the City’s commitment to attaining Our Saint John. Adopted in January 2009.

Policy Plans 4 Years

Service Delivery Plans have been defined for over 45 services (through six programs that reflect the community goals). Performance measures are being developed.

Strategic Policy Plans are what Council uses to govern the city. The new Municipal Plan is an example of a policy.

Community Vision and Goals

Community Generated 75-100 Years

Community Expectations

Integrated Community Sustainability Plan

Community Generated 20-30 Years

Goals & Strategies Council Priorities

Council 4 Years

Corporate Strategic Plan

Leadership Team 4 Years

Corporate Direction Service Delivery Plan

Departments, Agencies, Boards and Commissions 4 Years

The City’s commitment to achieving the community’s vision project will not end in 2015. This project will ensure continuous improvement of City services, and to the quality of life in Our Saint John. In the next issue of InSight, we’ll feature the Accountability Framework that will show how we will demonstrate accountability to residents and taxpayers.

All documents are available at or by calling 649-6008.

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