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and construction of a new water treatment facility. The upgrades must be done before a new treatment facility is built. Saint John Water has been preparing for full water treatment with a commitment to continuing cleaning and lining of unlined cast iron watermains in the distribution system and by replacing major sections as needed. These projects are funded equally by the three levels of government under the Canada – New Brunswick Stimulus Fund program.

Project Location Beaverbrook Avenue Dever Road

Ocean Westway

Transmission Main Pipeline Road East

Visart Street Water and Sewer Construction

Water and sewer construction is carried out to replace old underground pipes or to install new systems. Construction work is also required to upgrade the City’s water and wastewater pumping and treatment facilities to ensure the systems are reliable.

Project Location Carpenter Place Ford Avenue

Harbourview Subdivision

Kennebecasis Drive Lancaster Lagoon Lorneville Road Lorneville Road

From/To At Wastewater Lift station

Between Holland Street and Todd Street Well houses at Ocean Drive

and Seaward Crescent At Brother's Cove

At Wastewater Treatment Facility At Mill Creek

At Wastewater Lift station

Marsh Creek Drainage System Connaught Avenue At Civic #16 Rothesay Avenue Simpson Drive Spruce Lake

At Wastewater Lift station At Wastewater Lift station At Water Treatment Plant

Spruce Lake Industrial Park Woodward Avenue

Woodward Avenue Other Projects

There are two other significant construction projects in the City. The Mile One Interchange is a project of the Province of New Brunswick. The Saint John Harbour Bridge Authority is undertaking the Saint John Harbour Bridge refurbishment.

Water Tower Road and King William Road Brentwood Crescent

to Ragged Point Road Near Cedar Point Trailer Park $360,000 Budget

$180,000 $55,000 $575,000

$650,000 $170,000 $600,000 $180,000 $185,000 $415,000 $255,000

$1,330,000 $645,000

$1,050,000 From/To Visart Street to Pugsley Avenue

Manchester Avenue to Main Street West Spruce Lake to Gault Road

Phinney Hill to Lakewood Heights pump station

Harrington Street to Beaverbrook Avenue Budget

$3,740,000 $3,900,000 $5,700,000

$7,000,000 $690,000

City Hall 2.0

On July 19, the new City of Saint John website went live. Building on public feedback and after an extensive RFP process, Council passed a resolution to contract ISL Web Marketing & Design, an award-winning full-service web provider, to work with the City to create a new website. Using industry best practices and working closely with a project team selected from across the organization, ISL developed a website structure designed to reflect the service delivery model the City has adopted. The site contains information about our services, and how we are planning service delivery to make sure we are addressing the needs of the community.

Each service has a section called “What you need to know” that will be updated with service- specific information frequently (for example weekly construction reports in the Roadway Maintenance section).

Crucial to the ongoing success of the website is a number of teams who will monitor and guide the site to ensure it is meeting the needs of our citizens.

What will you see?

Citizens told us they wanted a site that was useable and easy to navigate. You’ll also find information is easier to find and more comprehensive. You will notice more photography of the city itself, our citizens and our services.

The project team is especially excited about the “My Saint John” section. This section is a work-in-progress where citizens will be able to login and create an account to receive information specific to the area they live in. They will also be able to sign up for updates and notifications.

We will be looking for feedback. Remember to logon and tell us what you think.

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