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2010 Summer Construction Projects

In order to provide effective service delivery, the City must maintain and upgrade its road, water and wastewater infrastructure. In 2010, the City of Saint John is investing $9.6 million towards storm sewer and street upgrades; $2.4 million for the City’s annual asphalt maintenance program; and up to $44.2 million for improvements to water and wastewater systems and facilities. For a complete projects map, visit

The Province of New Brunswick and the Government of Canada have also funded projects where noted.

Asphalt Resurfacing

The Roadway Maintenance Service provides drivers with safe, functional roads and maintains road accessibility through all seasons. In order to achieve the maximum service life from City streets, they must be resurfaced on a regular 12-15 year cycle. The top 40mm layer of asphalt is scraped off and then a layer of asphalt is applied. Money for these projects comes from the City’s general operating budget.

Project Location Ashburn Road

Bon Accord Drive Clover Court Collins Street

Courtenay Avenue King William Road Lakeview Drive Fundy Drive

Lorneville Road McKiel Street

Mountain View Drive Regent Street

Westwood Terrace Willie Avenue

Street Reconstruction

Street reconstruction is also part of the Roadway Maintenance Service. The life of a street can be extended by paving, but eventually streets need to be fully rebuilt. This involves removing the old asphalt, replacing material below and installing new concrete curbs and sidewalks where required. The street is then re-paved. Money for these projects comes from the City’s capital budget.


Foster Thurston to Drury Cove Inverness Place to Edinburg Avenue Dexter Drive to Dexter Drive McKiel Street to Prospect Street Regent Street to Belmount Street Paddy's Hill Drive to Dead End

Loch Lomond Road to Willie Avenue Lancaster Avenue to Demille Street Civic # 2601 to Civic # 3550 Church Avenue to Dead End

Mountain Road to Vista Ridge Crescent Courtenay Avenue to Park Avenue Manchester Avenue to End David Street to End


$260,000 $60,000 $125,000 $30,000 $50,000 $830,000 $245,000 $135,000 $510,000 $60,000 $295,000 $80,000 $35,000 $190,000

Project Location

Bayside Drive (Old Black River Road) Bleury Street

Burpee Avenue Hickey Road Market Place

Mount Pleasant Avenue Mountain View Drive Peel Plaza

Princess Street

Rothesay Avenue Rothesay Avenue Rothesay Road

Westfield Road Westmorland Road Harbour Clean-Up Program

Saint John Harbour Clean-Up is about good health, clean waterways and quality of life. City of Saint John wastewater treatment and collection systems, through Wasterwater Service, are being enhanced to protect people, the environment, and to help sustain the economy. There are two main projects: building the Eastern Wastewater Treatment Facility and building a collection and pumping system to move all wastewater to one of three treatment facilities. Harbour Clean-Up is funded equally by all three levels of government under the Canada Strategic Infrastructure Fund (CSIF) program. In 2012, 100% of system users will have treatment.

Project Location Bayside Drive

City Road/Station Street Eastern Wastewater

Treatment Facility Gault Road Area Lift Stations


Thorne Avenue to Red Head Road Long Wharf to Haymarket Square At Hazen Creek

Dantes Drive to Manawagonish Road Various Locations

MacLaren Boulevard/Sandy Point Road North of Flemming Court;

MacLaren Boulevard Area approx 800m to Sandy Point Road through easement behind Hazen White School

Safe Clean Drinking Water

The Drinking Water Service provides quality drinking water to all users within the community. The City’s Action Plan for Safe, Clean Drinking Water includes enhancements and upgrades to water transmission, distribution and storage systems Budget

$7,000,000 $6,915,000 $47,500,000

$1,100,000 $7,000,000 $560,000


At Grandview Avenue intersection Molson Avenue to Sand Cove Road Rockland Road approx 100m east Heatherway approx 140m

King Street West to St. John Street Arrow Walk Road to Rocky Terrace McAllister Drive to 100m east Union Street/Hazen Avenue

/Carleton Street area

Prince William Street to Charlotte Street At intersection of Broadway

At Rothesay Place (#420 Rothesay Avenue) (PDH #100) - Railroad overpass

to Colony Road By Road #7 to Ketepec Road Westmorland Mall to Kervin Road

$3,930,000 $370,000

$400,000 $200,000 $130,000



$1,000,000 $550,000 $725,000 $125,000

$2,875,000 $3,400,000 $460,000


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