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Her eyes took in Eddy, and she noticed him gaze at the different girls that walked by. He laughed, covering his face with his shoulder, and then slapping his buddy high five. She wondered why he was here, what girl he would be with tonight. Everyone knew that he had just broke it off with Mary Elizabeth, the best looking senior that year. She had started crying in algebra, and Mr. Metro had sent her to the nurse‘s office. Everyone had talked about it at school.

Mary Elizabeth was tall, blonde, and rich. Every time she imagined the two of them necking the image made her jealous. Bobby didn‘t like her, but he never took any of Eddie‘s girls seriously. He always said if they were dating Eddie, they were spending their time doing only one thing – and it wasn‘t homework. He had told Brenda about Eddie‘s crude jokes, the way he would talk about the gory details to anyone that would listen. She had once walked in on Eddie telling a story about making it with Melissa Muro up against a tree.

That night, Brenda forgot all of this. She couldn‘t keep her eyes off Eddie. The way he moved, the light blonde flecks in his hair – he was a magnet. She thought about that day in the barn. Maybe he thought she was pretty after all. Maybe he was secretly in love with her.

Her friend Jean pinched her. ―Ouch,‖ she squealed. ―Hello? Anyone home?‖ ―Huh?‖ ―You were staring into space. You ok?‖ ―Oh. Me? Yeah. I was just thinking.‖ ―Uh-oh, here comes Christopher Perkins again.‖ ―I am not dancing with him – I already told him no.‖

Christopher walked up to the two girls. This time, he looked at Jean. She had not danced all night. ―Hey, want to dance?‖ he asked, nervously rubbing his palms against his slacks.

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