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The Material Girl at the opening of her Hard Candy gym with business partners Jim Rowley, left, and Mark Mastrov.

GA:Why did you choose to debut the clubs inMexico City? M:Mexico Citywas one of the stops on our Sticky & SweetTour. I loved the energy of the city and the people. It also was an ideal location forme to be inti- mately involved in each step of the cre- ation of the premier location. Iwouldn’t just givemy name to something that I couldn’t be involved in and oversee. As people know, I’ve got lots of opinions.

GA: No gyms appear to be slated for the United States.Why not? M:We decided to focus initially on Mexico and South America, and then head overseas and expand intomany countries throughout Europe and Russia, as well. In the bigger picture, I’d love to haveHard Candy gyms in theU.S.

GA:What is yourworking relationship like with the Hard Candy team? It’s been said that you’ve had input into the design and programming of the clubs. M:Most definitely. I’ve been involved in virtually every detail, including the name, logo, branding, the look and feel of the design.We’ve had lots of

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meetings, back-and-forth conversa- tions, e-mails and texts. But the best part is that we all have the same goal. They appreciate that I have very specific ideas, but, at the same time, I welcome the knowledge and experience they have creating fitness centers around the globe.

GA:Whatwill your role be, orwill you have one, in daily or ongoing operations? M: I’minvolved in all the creative details, ranging from lighting to the music, thewood they use in the dance and yoga floors, to the kinds of classes that are taught. But to have Hard Candy be themost sought-after fitness centers in theworld, I count on having the best trainers andmanagers out there. Iwant the professionals involved to be free to dowhat they do best.

GA:Will there be any online components? M:Hard Candy Fitness will have a unique online platformpowered by that has an activity-man- agement tracking system and other fitness-related content.TheHard Candy VirtualGymis typical of the resources wewant to provide for ourmembers. 

Photo: Courtesy of Kevin Mazer/Getty Images

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