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Health - A 5K/1M Race held yearly at Wheeler Farm over Father’s Day weekend and during National Men’s Health Week.

“Through my involvement with Man To Man, I be came excited about the idea of having an event for prostate cancer like the Race for the Cure.” says John. “I admired the attention that the Race for the Cure had brought to breast cancer and I thought it would be great if something similar could be could be organized to raise awareness for prostate cancer.”

As a team they decided to “expand our focus beyond prostate can- cer to include all of men’s health. We were stuck by the depressing statistics about men’s health and the equally hopeful realization that most of the worst health risks for men were preventable with lifestyle changes and preventive medical care.”

Hundreds of men, women and children have joined in the Stam- pede the past two years and this year they hope to exceed their goal of 500 participants.

“There needs to be more involvement in the community to create awareness about what we call the Fatal 5,” says David. “So many of these health problems can be treated and resolved and creating awareness is the first step.”

The Stampede hosts a free education fair before, during and after the run, specifically targeted to help men recognize the risk and learn what they can do to prevent serious diseases.

This type of expo makes Dale Myberg, a two time cancer survivor, “proud to be associated with these organizations.”

Katy O’Banion, a caregiver to several people affected by cancer, emphasizes, “The Stampede’s purpose is to bring in the whole family for a fun event which heightens awareness and hopefully leads to more saved lives.”

“Saving lives is what it’s all about,” says David.

“I am a beneficiary of preventive health care,” adds John. “The surgeon who removed my prostate told me the cancer was close to spreading and that I had ‘dodged a bullet”. I want more men to have the opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest.”

Join the Stampede at 5 causes of major health problems & death for men. FATAL 5

HEART DISEASE: The # 1 killer of men in Utah and the United States, accounting for around a fourth of male deaths (1 death per minute nationally).

CANCER: Second leading cause of death in the United States and Utah. In 2009 (most recent data), 1,365 men died of cancer in Utah.

STROKE: Third leading cause of death in the United States and Utah. Each year nationally, more than 3/4ths of a million Americans have a stroke, which is one every 40 seconds.

DIABETES: Seventh leading cause of death in the United States and the sixth leading cause of death in Utah. One in 17 people in Utah have been told they have diabetes.1 Around 45,000 more Utahans don’t know they have dia- betes.

ACCIDENTS / UNINTENTIONAL INJURIES: Accidents and unintentional injuries are the fifth leading cause of death in the United States and Utah and are the leading cause of death for those under 45 years old. Of the nearly 1500 annual deaths in Utah, 2 out of 3 are males.

5 keys to prevention & increased health.

EXERCISE: Increase daily aerobic activity. Lift weights at least twice a week. Work on coordination and balance.

DIET: Eat more fruit and vegetables, decrease intake of red meat and increase fish and chicken. Add more whole grains.

WEIGHT: Lose some weight if at all heavy; every lost pound matters.

STRESS MANAGEMENT: Relax and enjoy life more; learn to meditate or calm yourself when under stress.

MEDICAL APPOINTMENTS: Get regular medical examina- tions and add the extra evaluations for skin cancer, colon cancer, heart disease, etc. as recommended.

Sources: Ladies: Check Your Prostates, April 22, 2010 Prostate Cancer: Should I get screened? www.cdc.gove/cancer/prostate

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