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Publisher’s Letter “Don’t just sit there. Do something!”

Or perhaps you’ve heard this one: “Do or do not. There is no try.” Whether it’s words of motivation from parents or a Master Jedi, the message is the same. We must take action.

Ginger Johnson, Publisher. Photo by Mandee Heslop Photography WORDS FOR THOUGHT:

A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trial. ~Chinese Proverb


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Komen Salt Lake City Race For the Cure® The Largest Race in Salt Lake City and so much more

Debbie Mintowt, Executive Director, provides insights into the Salt Lake Affiliates best kept secret - the large sum of money that is given to local organizations to fund breast health education, breast cancer screening and treatment projects.


Stampede for Men’s Health 3rd Annual 5K/1M Race for Awareness What began as the ‘Prostate Posse’ at a the Race for the Cure, has now evolved into a full out Stampede to create awareness about men’s health issues.

Founders, David Dodd and John Merry- weather share their vision of the future of men’s health awareness in Utah.

In this issue you will learn about several local events that are centered on creating awareness for both women’s and men’s health and how you can get involved. You’ll benefit from information about new, break through treatment options for those dealing with lymphedema and you’ll find out how to register for the upcoming Utah Cancer Survivorship Day conference. In addition, information about local hospitals and clinics that provide cancer screening services and treatments will be right at your fingertips with phone numbers to call.

It’s time to take action towards better health. Get screened. Get involved. Do some- thing! The services are available. There are people waiting to help. Now is the time. Do it for yourself then go and tell others: “Do as I’m doing. Follow, follow me.”

Ginger Johnson

Publisher/Editor Founder,

treatment of lymphedema. National Institute of Lymphology™

How Home Care Can Help Dr. Marga F. Massey - A pioneer in the study and

Applegate HomeCare and Hospice outline the benefits associated with home care services.

Survivors Say... Recommendations and experiences as told by local cancer survivors.

Visit for local deals and discounts 3

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