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Salem Community Patriot April 8, 2011 - 9

Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down?

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Dear Reader, Hopefully you all enjoyed the small April Fool’s joke with the printing of this page upside down last Friday, April 1st

. Any submitters

who would like their name printed with their submission can simply add their name to the bottom of their thumbs and it will be printed.

“Thumbs down to the self-proclaimed community liaison who is trying her hardest to foster an unwelcoming isolationist attitude in her own neighborhood. What a hypocrite!”

“Thumbs down to Stephen Campbell, who at

Monday’s Board of Selectmen meeting voted NO to accepting an anonymous donation of $14,000 to the Salem Police Department. Now who in his right mind wouldn’t vote for something like that - free money to help the town? Doesn’t seem to me that Mr. Campbell has the taxpayers’ interests at heart with this move. Fortunately, the Board of Selectmen as a whole approved this donation. More people should watch these meetings on TV to see what is really happening.”

“Thumbs down to Selectman Pat for his comments and jokes about how you can ‘get air‘ driving over the Town Farm Bridge in a vehicle. A very nice young man died there a few years ago because of that imperfection in the road and his inexperience.”

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voting to approve the immoral and fiscally irresponsible state budget on March 31st. It’s amazing the lack of foresight these representatives exhibit, failing to comprehend or admit how cutting community services, public employees, pensions, and school funding, among many other things, will hurt us AND raise our taxes in the long run.”

“Thumbs up to Stephen Campbell for at least letting townspeople know that

selectmen held a goals-setting session that apparently few, if any, residents attended. He wrote that he emailed the chairman asking her to have the session televised but she did not respond. His motion to adjourn to a time and place when the session could be televised failed. Stephen deserves credit for trying to spark townspeople interest by putting the session on local cable TV but he can only do so much. As required by law, I’m sure the meeting was posted and it’s a shame that there was little or no interest by townspeople or local newspapers. It’s going to be a long year for Stephen and Pat Hargreaves but maybe they will have some support after the March 2012 election. By the way, were any goals set at the afternoon meeting?” 603-890-3344

to the ‘spend-a-holics,’ we now face property tax increases of 16 - 20 %. Are you people trying to cause elderly and out of work neighbors to loose their homes? Do you wish small businesses to move elsewhere? Perhaps what Salem needs are a more efficient Public Works department! What is it about deficits in Concord and DC do you not get?”

“Thumbs down to the new 16% tax rate increase, another neighbor just lost his house to foreclosure. The economy is still bad for a lot of people. The people that work for the town are unaware because everything has been good for them for a long time, ‘Lucky You.’ The town wants to fix bridges, roads and pay raises for everyone, it never ends. You’re lucky you have good jobs with benefits and pensions. If the taxes get any higher people are going to move away because the property values are plummeting. The only ones who make out are the people Massachusetts that like the tax free shopping.”

“Thumbs up to Cameron Cain, 7th grader at

Woodbury Middle School. Cameron finished 4th in the New Hampshire State National Geographic Geography Bee! Way to go, Cameron.”

“Thumbs up to Stephen Campbell for keeping his cool when his request to be the selectmen’s representative on the Budget Committee was denied by the chairman. But, he must have seen that one coming. Beth Roth used her appointment discretion to bypass Campbell and join the BC herself. After all, it made perfect sense -- why name Campbell with 16 years experience when she has no experience at all but sees it as her

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“Thumbs down to House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt for choosing politics over people by defending and leading his party into near- unanimous approval of the NH state budget. The House budget shows stunted imagination at best, and ruthlessness at worst. How I wish this so-called leader would actually experience what it’s like to hold a job, pay rent or a mortgage, and learn at little something about how his constituents live before throwing a wrecking ball through the lives of so many with partisan, politically motivated policies. He could use a lesson in empathy and what it means to be a member of a community.”

$5 OFF 419 South Broadway, Salem, NH “Thumbs down to Planning Board member

Jeffrey Gray for being arrested for sexual assault. I am amazed that a despicable human being such as him is responsible for multi-million dollar decisions. What an embarrassment this perverted criminal is to the town of Salem, and the Salem Planning Board. There should be ‘a condition’ that Jeffrey Gray should not be allowed within the perimeter of this town. What a disgrace.”

“Thumbs up to Moms and Dads who have sons and daughters serving in the military! You’re what makes this nation great! For any parents with children considering a military career, please ask them to delay. The complete inability of this administration to justify any of their bizarre behavior in Afghanistan and now Libya, except for the ubiquitous ‘It’s George Bush’s fault’ is very disconcerting. ‘Thumbs down’ to Obama and his cronies, they are the epitome of Reckless Incompetence.”

“Thumbs down, Way Down, to a Government that allows BACK DOOR DELIBERATIVE SESSIONS. How does this happen? A process which allows voted down ballots to be resurrected and passed with a second session. This town should follow ‘normal’ processes where as ballots are voted on only once via a town wide process. I urge the board of selectman to change the rules of the town and not allow this process to happen again.”

“Thumbs down to our Salem and Windham NH Representatives Azarian, Bates, Bettencourt, Elliott, Garica, Griffin, Kolodziej, Mauro, McMahon, Okerman, Sytek, and Waterhouse for

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“Thumbs down to my neighbor on Muse

Terrace that lets his two little dogs roam freely on a daily basis pooping on his neighbor’s lawns while we all have our dogs fenced in, so they don’t mess in any other yard than their own. This is especially sad for those of us that have children that would like to play in their yards without stepping in dog poop. Please have some common courtesy for your neighbors.”

“Thumbs down, a big ‘thumbs down’ to Mr. ’Mass Exodus’- another misinformed resident of Salem. Teachers and school aides/school-year secretaries have different contracts. School aides do NOT get paid for school vacations, snow days, teachers in-service days, and certainly NOT summers, they can’t even collect unemployment, their wages aren’t the greatest, and most of them cannot afford health insurance. They have to scramble every summer to hopefully find a job. It’s true many people are out of a job and things are tough all around, and that is why they go back to those jobs in September. They also go back because they are dedicated to Salem’s children. So please get your facts right before you assume anything. Thank you.”

“Thumbs up, two ‘thumbs up’ to our House Republicans! Great job on making headway on cuts to out-of-control spending, reining in Unions which are bankrupting their neighbors, and reinforcing State Sovereignty. Kudos to each of you; under this new Leadership we will start to see our State return to Fiscal sanity. Now all we need is a new Governor! Keep up the great work, House Members.”

“Thumbs down, way down to the town of Salem. What are you people thinking! Thanks

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“Thumbs up to the person who wrote in about the High School Boys Ice Hockey team record. The Boys Hockey team has the biggest budget of all the sports at Salem High School. Just ask to see the Athletic Budget. $50,000 a year!!! Why did they get such a great write up for a loosing team that costs so much money? And do you really think they are going to spend $50,000 a year on a girls Ice Hockey Team? Not with the AD that they have in there now!!!”

“Thumbs up and thank you DJ for finally ripping the mask of political correctness off the clergy sex abuse issue and calling it for what it is along with one of the principal administrators involved. If these men couldn’t be imprisoned civilly, they should at least have been exiled to a cloistered monastery for the rest of their miserable lives. The damage done to the faith of many of us who have been life-long Catholics is immeasurable and irreparable. Good for you for having the courage of your convictions and not being afraid to voice them.”

“Thumbs up: OMG Matt S.! That’s front-page

news!! Congrats Matt” “Thumbs up to D.J. Bettencourt. I would not

want to be in John McCormack’s shoes when he has to answer to his maker. in the end.”

Justice always prevails 8 THIN & TALL filler (self promo)

“Thumbs down, a huge ‘thumbs down’ to the lazy voters of Salem that did not show up to the 2nd deliberative session to vote ‘no’ for the ridiculously high price tag for road repairs. The people voted this down on the ballots and decided to not follow through and show up. Therefore, the 100 or so who showed up, once again decided the fate of the entire town. The town style election process in this town is a joke and so are the high real estate prices. This 16% increase is terrible for this town. If you are reading this please do what is right and show up next year, or just sit back relax, and let this spend crazy town raise costs.”


‘personal obligation to go the Budget Committee as a selectman.’ Maybe she knows her days as selectman are numbered and wants to get foot in the Budget Committee door. Dumber things have happened.”

“Thumbs up to Salem’s school teachers, who do a great job every day with our kids. Thanks for everything you do!!”

“Thumbs down. Re: Director of Maintenance

Mr. Messenheimer. He does waste taxpayer money on unnecessary overtime, funneling it to his favored chosen few. Reaching him after hours is a joke. The schools he is directly responsible for are dirty, the custodians are not held responsible. A few months ago a custodian was not at work when he should have been. He is still working for the school department. Another hardworking man has left under suspicious circumstances, harassment by the other custodian in the school is being whispered about. He is responsible for the athletic fields, which are a continuing disgrace. Wake up, Mr. Delahanty, something (or someone) needs to be changed.”

“Thumbs down to DJ Bettencourt. You should be fired or step down, after your comments. Keep church and state out [of] politics. You should be working the issues with [the] budget, that is your job and keeping your comments to yourself, isn’t that a form of bullying? You should re-sign.”

“Thumbs down to selectman Beth Roth. After

watching tonight’s board of selectmen’s meeting I would like to remind her that the seat she sits in is not her seat, it is the people’s seat, she doesn’t own it and she should show more respect to her colleagues on the board. Tonight she really, really was rude and unprofessional toward selectman Hargreaves. So please remember that it is the people’s seat, not your seat.”

“Thumbs down to the school department cutting corners when having lead paint removal done! Our children are at risk.”

Tank you for your submissions. All comments, thumbs up or down, are anonymous and not written by the Area News staff. Tumbs comments can be sent via telephone, 880- 1516 or emailed to us at When submitting a Tumbs comment, please specify that you would like it printed in the Salem Edition. No names are necessary. Please keep negative comments to the issue. Comments should be kept to 100 words or less.

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Monday, March 28: 8:55 a.m. Unwanted subject, Keewaydin Drive, subject reports her daughter’s boyfriend was asked to leave last night and is refusing to do so, he threw bleach on the girlfriend, officer is bringing the male subject back to his residence and he was told not to return. 9:43 a.m. Open door/ window, Liberty Street, subject reports an open door at the vacant house on the street, officer advising the house is clear but it appears someone is entering at night, requesting extra patrol. 9:45 a.m. Credit card fraud, Mall Road, subject reporting her credit cards were stolen and used at the mall. 9:52 a.m. Damage to motor vehicle, Mall Road, subject reports damage to her vehicle from the car next to her, the other driver is denying they caused the damage, subject wants to file a report. 10:15 a.m. Fraud, North Broadway, manager reports receiving counterfeit money passed at the store. 11:25 a.m. Criminal threatening, South Broadway, information only. 1:58 p.m. Suspicious activity, Cross Street, subject reports receiving harassing, suspicious phone call, information only. 4:18 p.m. Motor vehicle complaint, Main Street and Lincoln Terrace, caller reporting a vehicle all over the road, almost hit a mailbox and crossed the center line, officer has vehicle stopped, the operator took sleeping medication by accident, fire department is responding, subject has someone en route to pick her up and drive her vehicle. 5:13 p.m. Abandoned motor vehicle, South Broadway, owner of property reports a vehicle abandoned on his property, officer attempted to reach registered owner, phone is disconnected, officer went to vehicle owner’s home, no one is home. 5:44 p.m. Dispute, caller reports her 60-year old son is being verbally

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