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Hudson - Litchfield News April 8, 2011 - 3

The Word Around Town... Letters to our Editor

Vegas Cabaret Thank-You

I would like to congratulate the Friends of Music for all the hard work into the planning of this year’s Cabaret – Viva Las Vegas! Many hours were spent, from preparing the scenery and the costuming. And it didn’t end there—alterations were being made during every show by the parent volunteers, along with filling the candy bowls and beverages in between shows and re- setting the tables (in addition to making sure the kids ate during the two Saturday shows, then strike on Sunday). The Gymnasium was truly a transformation and the glitter of Vegas! Attendees were completely in awe of the magnificence of the decorations—what could possibly top that? I will tell you what topped it; the amazing talents of our students in Orchestra, Jazz Band, the Alvirne Singers, Nothing But Treble Choir, the Women’s Choir, Men Harmonics, and the B- Naturals! There will always be critical people looking at things in a negative light. I saw the Friends of Music creating a Vegas-like surrounding, spoofing “For a Good Time” cards and inviting the community to Indeed Have a good time with the Alvirne Music Department”—no sexual innuendos being made there. I saw making something usually off-colored be turned cleverly into clean and funny. This is the one time a year that the students are able to take their music to a higher level and perform (not just stand there singing or playing their instrument). The choral soloists not only sang their songs beautifully, but were successful in developing their character. What fun would it be for both the Elvis’ to stand there and sing? Elvis not shaking and thrusting his hips would be like Kiss not wearing facial makeup! Wayne Newton shaking his hand to the rhythm, and the amazing job done by “Etta James” with the spectacular Jazz Band. Every student, whether instrumental or vocals, were an equally important piece of the puzzle that made Cabaret a huge success! I am so proud and beyond impressed of every single student who obviously works hard to be the amazing spectacular group of kids they are! Thank you to the students for your dedication to music and taking me back to Vegas! The expectations from Mr. Bastien and Mrs. Beaton are high, and I thank you both for giving our kids 110 percent and expecting them to give you back the same.

Darlene Clements - Hudson Thank You

from Arsenal Baseball

The Arsenal Baseball Club and Litchfield Baseball Association would like to thank the communities of Litchfield and Hudson for the generous support during our spring fundraising activities. Our canning fundraiser outside of the Hudson Market Basket was once again successful and our annual Comedy Night was well attended and lots of fun. Comedy Night could not have been accomplished without the generous support of the following local businesses: Arbonne, Boucher’s Greenhouse, Golf and Ski Warehouse, Harold Square, Lobster Boat, Play The Game, Passaconway Golf Course, and T-Bones. Thank you to the ladies at Town Hall for your help and a special thanks to all of the hard-working U11 and U13 team parents for their contributions to the beautiful basket raffle prizes. It is nice to see all of the wonderful support people still have for youth baseball. Time to … play ball!

Paul Damphousse, Arsenal Baseball - Litchfield

School Healthy Eating Program Thank-You

This past Wednesday, Griffin Memorial School (GMS) had two special visitors. Dr. Duxbury and Dr. Kramer presented the 5 2 1 0 Healthy NH eating program to the GMS students. The doctors visited each class and demonstrated how much sugar is in soft drinks and juices. They discussed the foundation of the 5 2 1 0 Healthy NH program with the students; 5 servings of fruits and


• Walk-In or by Appointment • Complete in one visit

Ackley Associates Inc. 883-3912

215A Main St., Nashua (Above Aubuchon Hardware)

Mon.-Thurs., 8:30am-7pm, Fri. 8:30-5pm.Sat. 8:30am-12:30pm

vegetables, 2 hours of physical activity, 1 hours or less of screen time, and 0 sweetened or sugary drinks per day. Be sure to ask your children about the program.

All of the students have been invited to participate in “Goal Tracking” for one week to increase their health lifestyles. GMS staff would like to send a huge “thank-

you” to Dr. Duxbury and Dr. Kramer as well as their office manager, Donna. We hope to see you again next year.

Susan Seabrook, RN, Griffin Memorial School - Litchfield

Gratitude for House Budget Efforts

It was a pleasure to read the update by House Speaker O’Brien, and other House leaders, on the significant accomplishments by the Republican- led State House of Representatives (“House Budget Delivers on Promise of Limited, Frugal Government,” HLN 4/1/11). The House members have worked hard to draft a budget that both protects taxpayers, assures that those in true need get the required services, and that public employees have a retirement system that will be solid for years to come. The House members met with significant and sometimes disruptively vocal opposition from some protesters, but the vast majority of them held their ground and did the right thing for our state. On a local level, it is gratifying that all 13 State Representatives from Hillsborough District 27 (Hudson, Litchfield, and Pelham) fully supported this game-changing effort to restrain government. I have little doubt that the State Senate will follow suit and support the House budget. We are blessed to have Republican Senators Sharon Carson and Tom DeBlois there to assure that New Hampshire maintains its exceptional status among the states.

I salute all of these fine legislators and wish them continued success.

Dave Buhlman - Litchfield America Must Lead

The Libyan people rose up against their dictatorial and murderous president, and asked for the world’s help to overthrow the tyrant and establish a democracy in Libya, but the world, including the U.S., delayed taking any action. The western world wanted to study the situation. Finally, about a month later, the U.N. agreed to impose sanctions, including a no-fly zone around Libya, and coalition missiles and planes attacked Gadhafi’s military forces. They were able to halt Gadhafi’s drive to retake Bengazi and eastern Libya. The opposition forces in the east were saved from annihilation, but unfortunately Gadhafi’s forces had penetrated many cities and had the

opposition on the run. The dithering and dathering by the U.N., including the U.S., inhibited the momentum of the rebel forces, but it has resulted in a potential long, drawn- out stalemate in Libya. The stalemate might be broken if we

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