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Gucci is the Global Artistic Director for Revlon and a renowned makeup artist in the fashion industry. She is married to David Neville, co- owner and creative director of New York based fashion

label Rag & Bone, and has two children, Dashel and Gray who will be four and two years old this year.

“I grew up vegetarian, my parents and brothers are all vegetarian. I feel that it’s diffi cult to say that it is the right choice for everyone as some people need meat. Just growing up that way, I have an understanding of what food does to your body.

My kids also have a vegetarian diet. They do eat fi sh, which I feel is important for the omega fats and brain development but we only buy wild caught, never farm- raised. I like trying to incorporate a lot of whole grains, beans, all organic vegetables and fruit. They eat loads of avocado, take fl ax/fi sh oil supplements, probiotics, quinoia and cheese. Luckily they really love vegetables!

We also give them a lot of veggie burgers – not soy based ones but burgers made from quinoia or beans, which are all high in protein. They also eat a lot of nuts and gojji berries, mulberries, gooseberries, and blueberries which are all very naturally high in antioxidants. Lots of the super berries are great and are very easy to fi nd these days as there are now so many great healthfood shops.

We love cheese in our house, it’s a great source of protein for us, although not our daughter, for some reason she doesn’t like dairy much. I think it’s important for growing bones but we always go for organic cheese as I’m nervous of all of the hormones etc.

I just love knowing that what they are eating is very healthy and easy to digest, and will hopefully set them up with a great, solid foundation

We have milk in coffee, but that’s about it. Both my husband and I were allergic as babies, as was our son. Our daughter started off having milk but suddenly when she was 11 months she decided she wouldn’t touch it. However, she does love very low sweetened yoghurt and kefi r.

For kids it’s all about making things taste fun and interesting. We make kale, spinach and basil chips several times a week. They both love kale chips – they are crispy and very easy to make. We give them brown rice pasta as a healthier option, which they both like too. There are lots of other healthy alternatives, for example, instead of regular bread we have ezequial bread. We always have everything organic especially after learning more and more about the harmful consequences of pesticides, in particular for little people.

I try to incorporate healthy things in the diet, without being fanatic about it as I don’t want to put them off. When my parents were very strict with us having an incredibly healthy diet, I would sometimes as a young girl go the opposite way and buy sweets with my lunch money, so I want to avoid being too extreme and rigid

– everything in moderation and being sensible really. I have learnt to avoid that – if our son wants to try bacon because my husband is eating it, he can. I won’t ever not let them do that and they still have treats, but on a daily basis we avoid heavily processed foods, for example, we have agave syrup instead of sugar, and my daughter loves “green drinks”, which no one can understand!

I just love knowing that what they are eating is very healthy and easy to digest, and will hopefully set them up with a great, solid foundation. I grew up with very health conscious parents, which I feel extremely fortunate about. They grew all of their vegetables and made their own cheese and bread. We were very lucky to have had that! In the knowledge that we are giving our children the best alternatives, I ultimately hope that we have enhanced their chances of having healthy lives too.

For kids it’s all about making things taste fun and interesting

A lot of people who become vegetarian aren’t familiar with how to cook healthy options, and end up eating pasta all of the time so it is helpful to have a few vegetarian cook books. Now it is so much easier. When I grew up however in Sweden I was the only vegetarian in an entire school! Sweden is a very meat heavy culture, and for a long time I had to just have the potatoes, bread and vegetables until my parents fi nally got the school to add a vegetarian meal, which took years! We live in New York now, and never have any struggles with food there or anywhere, thank goodness. The world has evolved!

For me, on a daily basis, I am adamant about drinking a green drink every day – it is so important! I either make my own concoction, with blue green

algae, supergreens (kale, spirulina, wheatgrass, spinach, parsley, everything green basically), Vitamin C, probiotics, fi sh or fl ax oils and Vitamin E. It’s all about trying to alkaline your blood, add all of the ingredients we all need more of, and making sure its a form of vitamin that is easily absorbed by the body, and doesn’t go straight through. It’s also very helpful with digestion and energy – it is all about being aware and being preventative. I make my husband drink it . . . when he will . . . Hahaha . . .

My father-in-law just overcame lymphoma – he had wonderful, effective medical care, and in addition to that he was very mindful of what he ate, and he drank the green drink (and still promises he will!), and heavy doses of Vitamin C every day . . . ”

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Desri Goodwin runs Equilibria in South West France with her husband Robin. Equilibria is a place to take time out to nurture your mind, body and soul with a wide range of treatments, foods and techniques in your own private space. 0033 (0)545625396


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