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In Memoriam

JOHN LEE HOWARTH 1924-2011 Dr. Howarth was a physics professor and Director of the Honors Program from 1971-1977. He was born near Bolton, England and studied physics at Cambridge University, where he got his M.A., then at the University of London where he completed his Ph.D. in 1963.

Dr. Howarth was invited to New Mexico to work as a radiological physicist at the Lovelace Clinic in Albuquerque. He accepted the invitati on because he said that few people lived in New Mexico and the sun shone all the ti me. He joined the Physics Department at UNM in 1964 and was appointed the Director of the Honors Program in 1971. He moved to the University of Maryland in 1978, where he conti nued his work as Professor of Physics and Director of the Honors Program. He also served as the President of the Nati onal Collegiate Honors Council in 1988.

Dr. Howarth spent the last years of his life in Forest Grove, Oregon, pursuing his passions for photography, painti ng, and social justi ce. He stayed involved in higher educati on, remained close friends with his colleagues, and achieved some fame as an arti st with his 2008 book of photographs, I and I: Ironies and Idiosyncrasies in Everyday Life.

JAMES C. ARIENO 1936-2010 Jim passed away on October 24, 2010. He graduated Cum Laude from the Honors Program in 1974. His wife Marlene Arieno also graduated from the Honors Program and taught in the Program as well. The faculty in the ti me Jim was in school included Ken Peterson and Jean Hedberg. John Howarth was the Director in those years. Jim’s instructors thought Jim was very bright, tough-minded, and determined. As an undergraduate, he worked on a project involving DESEO, an organizati on dedicated to fi nding jobs for ex-convicts. Jim went on to graduate school in Public Administrati on. He lived in the D.C. area with his family for many years.

JANET GAY TILBURY 1956-2010 Jan passed away in early March. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Honors Program in 1996. She was also a recipient of the Dudley and Thelma Wynn Outstanding Senior Award. Jan majored in English and was an outstanding writer. Faculty enjoyed Jan in their classes. She was always well- prepared and very generous in off ering intelligent, interesti ng, and well-arti culated comments. She was


Above: Dr. John Lee Howarth, Director of the Honors Program from 1971-1977.

living in Manteca, California with her family including her husband David Tilbury who also graduated from the Honors Program in 1995. Jan had been teaching high school English before she became ill with cancer. The following is an excerpt from one of her poems published in the 1996 editi on of Scribendi:

"Red Beans and Rice"

Terns and pipers scrabble For a ti ny mouthful, burrowing In chill salt foam, retreat From coarse crystal strand.

Chubby sun soaked legs Lemon vermillion Madras sunsuits careen, dodge yards of bleached muslin Crème brûlè nannies.

Bubbling pots of rice Red beans and sausage, Served in deep Blue chipped bowls Found in the surplus Uptown Bare feet, dirty mahogany Shuffl e, Jump, To a calypso of spoons On empty coke bott les. ◊

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