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A Swellegant Evening to Benefit The Arts”

The Schultz-Hill Foundation hosted its first Fundraiser

Gala on November 12, 2010, at its location in the historical 1616 Professional Arts Building (circa.1928) in Atlantic City. The Schultz-Hill Foundation is a 501c.3 that promotes and supports the arts, history and education throughout the South Jersey region. A Swellegant Evening, a sold out by invitation only

event for an audience of 200, featured Members of the Bay-Atlantic Symphony under the direction of Maestro Jed Gaylin, who also conducts the John Hopkins Symphony in Baltimore, MD. The program featured various selections from classical to Gershwin. The Bay-Atlantic Symphony is celebrating its 27th season, and the Schultz-Hill Foundation is pleased to be able to support these wonderful musicians and showcase their talents to a broader audience. The evening also featured a special performance by

23-year-old Tenor, Mr. Marc Antonelli, a new singing sensation to our area who is performing at the Tropicana Casino & Resort. Mr. Antonelli was with the Boston Conservatory of Music, sings in four languages and has won countless awards. A 2009 graduate of the Berkley College of Music, his unique repertoire includes everything from opera to jazz to contemporary to Sinatra. Pianist Donna Kligerman of the Bay-Atlantic Symphony accompanied Mr. Antonelli. All money raised supports various artistic, historical

and educational scholarships in the region. For more information regarding the event, the artists, the Foundation’s Goals and Missions or to make a donation, please call Co-Founder Gary Hill at 609-347-1616 or visit Photos: Nick Valinote

Mrs. Barbara Gomes Dr. & Mrs. Larry Kauffman, Dennis Gomes and Maestro Jed Gaylin


SOUTH JERSEY 2010 - 2011

Mr. & Mrs. Bob Matthews, Gary Hill & Aimee Schultz Michael Gill

end of their case, I want to be able to look a client in the eye and remind them of my pro- jections at the outset, which are usually very close to the final outcome.”

Goldenberg Mackler Sayegh Mintz Pfeffer Bonchi & Gill 660 New Road, Northfield •

(609) 646-0222 Charles A. Matison

“I love what I do. I can’t think of an attorney whose advice has greater impact than the advice of a family lawyer. We are there at a key moment in people’s lives to protect their interests and their children’s interests and to see to it that they can constructively move on with their lives.”

Law Offices of Charles A. Matison

1640 Tilton Road, Northfield • (609) 407-1100

Mark Biel Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Levenson Esq. and Mr. & Mrs. Mike Shor

Lifestyle Magazine Publisher Barbara Scarduzzio with Freeholder Alissa Cooper

compassion. The best lawyers I know reflect Bismarck's precept: ‘An iron hand in a vel- vet glove.’”

Biel, Zlotnick & Feinberg, P.A. 450 Tilton Road, Northfield •

(609) 344-1173 See all Members of The

Ten Leaders of Matrimonial & Divorce Law of Southern New Jersey at

Mr. & Mrs Herb Lipson, Marc Antonelli and Gary Hill Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Copolla Sr. Tenor Marc Antonelli

The Ten Leaders of Matrimonial &Divorce Law of Southern New Jersey is based on interviews and peer referrals originating in first quarter 2003 and continuing through 2011. Attorneys listed here were referred by at least three of their out-of- firm peers. Ten Leaders is a consensus presentation of experienced, accom- plished professionals, based on independent surveys and peer referrals; it is administered by The Ten Leaders Cooperative, Reston, Va., and Fort Lee, NJ. This announcement complies with advertising guidelines set forth by The Supreme Court of The State of New Jersey. Ten Leaders professionals underwrite the dis- tribution of their lists. To read Ten Leaders profiles in the law, medicine and finance, and for more information visit Copyright 2010, The Ten Leaders Cooperative, All Rights Reserved. LIFESTYLE | January 2011 43

“The best family lawyers I know never stop understand- ing how important every case is to every client. It's about firmness and fairness, bal- anced with creativity and

“I have lost prospective clients by being honest with them about the downside of their case. I suppose they eventually find an attorney who tells them what they want to hear. At the

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