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Contest winners sha e their tips and str

White County, Illinois Irrigated Bin Buster

John Scates

John Scates is just one of the many success- ful farmers within the Scates family.

The Scates Family Farm captured three fi rst place wins this year in the NSP Yield and Management Contest, and this is only their third year growing grain sorghum.

“Milo is exciting for us,” said John, who is a third genera- tion farmer. “We are learning as we go.”

The family works together to create new plans and improve their practices. John says sticking to an improved plan was a large part of the crop’s success. The earlier planting date, new- er planter, row starter and bett er depth placement helped ev- erything fall into place for a successful crop in 2010.

When it comes to the benefi ts of sorghum, John said it works well in their rotation and has less input costs. He also said it can go later in the season without losing yield.

Score: Yield (bu/ac): County Average Yield (bu/ac): Previous Crop: Herbicides:


Seed Variety: Seeds/Acre: Row Spacing: Estimated Rainfall: Irrigation: Plant Date: Harvest Date:


101.9 186.4 84.5 Sorghum 2.2 qt. Degree XTRA® pre-plant 1.3 qt. Syngenta AAtrex® pre-plant 207 lbs. NH₃, 170 lbs. N, 100 lbs. P, 250 lbs. Potash Pioneer 84G62 110,000 15” 15”

8” sprinkler May 16, 2010 Octoboer 8, 2010

Conventional-Till Non-Irrigated Non-Irrigated Bin Buster

Crittenden County, Kentucky

Chris Robinson has only been planting grain sor- ghum for four years, but his bin buster yield of 200.29 bu/ac would make you think diff erently.

Robinson att ributes a com- bination of things for this year’s success. He said they treat their sorghum crop much like they would a

corn crop and have been striving to reach the 200-bushel mark since the start. Really good rain at the right time helped as well as “a litt le bit of luck.”

For the most part, Robinson said their management practic- es stayed the same, but they did a few things diff erently.

“We kept our population high and split up fertilizer practices,” he said.

Robinson said he believes grain sorghum has helped with their crop rotation and performs great on ground were corn doesn’t respond well.

Score: Yield (bu/ac): County Average Yield (bu/ac): Previous Crop: Herbicides: Fertilizer:

Insecticides: Seed Variety: Seeds/Acre: Row Spacing: Estimated Rainfall: Plant Date: Harvest Date:

101.79 200.29 98.5 Soybeans 2 qt. Degree XTRA® pre-emerge 135 lbs. NH₃, 20 lbs. N, 40 lbs. P, 60 lbs. Potash Poncho® 250 lbs. DEKALB DKS54-03 142,000 30” 35”

May 28, 2010 Ocotber 9, 2010

SORGHUM Grower Spring 2011

Contest winners sharre their tips and strategies on harvesting an exceptional crop

Chris Robinson Farms

ptional crop gies on

2010 National Sorghum Producers Yield and Management Contest

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