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Sorghum Yield & Management Contest 4201 N Interstate 27 Lubbock, TX 79403

2011 Entry Form (806)749-3478

OFFICE USE ONLY I.D.# ______________ YCE# _____________ E.D. ______________

Please read contest rules carefully before completing this entry form. Information given on this entry form must match information given on all contest forms.

--Entry forms must be fi lled out completely and postmarked at least 30 days before harvest for "Regular Entry" or at least 10 days before harvest for "Express Entry" of the contest fi eld. Send "Regular Entry" forms and fees to National Sorghum Producers, 4201 N Interstate 27, Lubbock, TX 79403. Send "Express Entry" form via Overnight Carrier to National Sorghum Producers, 4201 N Interstate 27, Lubbock, TX 79403. "Express Entry" sent via fax or regular U.S. mail will not be accepted. --A complete set of Contest Rules, a Management Information Form, a Harvest Report Form and a copy of your Entry Form will be mailed to you as soon as we receive your entry.

1. Entry Fees: "Regular Entry" option allows for harvest 30 or more days after entry. A nonrefundable entry fee of $65 must accompany each Regular Entry. Entry fee enclosed: $_________. "Express Entry" option allows for harvest 10 or more days after entry. A nonrefundable entry fee of $95 must accompany each "Express Entry." Entry fee enclosed: $_________.

2. Membership dues: Dues of $60 for a 1-year membership or $150 for a 3-year membership must be enclosed if you are not a paid NSP member. Dues enclosed: $__________. If you are an E-Member, please give us the name and location of your elevator:_____________________________________.

3. Contestant: Print or type the name exactly as you wish it to appear on any awards, news releases, etc. (30 character limit) 

4. Contact person:_______________________________________________Phone____________________________________ Address______________________________________City____________________________St.____________Zip_________

5. E-Mail Address:________________________________________ 6. Entry number: If you have more than 1 entry, use a separate entry form for each and number them 1, 2, 3 etc. _________________ 7. Division: o Conventional-till Irrigated

o Mulch-till Non-Irrigated

o Conventional-till Non-irrigated o Reduced-till Irrigated

o No-till Non-Irrigated

8. Seed Brand: _______________________________________Variety: _______________________________________ Are you entering this variety as a food grade entry? ______________________

9. Location of Contest Field: State ________________________________County ___________________________________ FSA Farm Number_______________________________

10. Total Acres in Contest Field: _____________________ 11. ____I have attached an aerial map with contest fi eld clearly marked. (required) 12. ____I have attached FSA Form 578 that proves I am the owner/operator of this farm. (required) 13.

Agribusiness Sponsor: If you want your agribusiness dealer to receive information on your entry, fi ll in his/her name and address below.

Name___________________________________Company_____________________________Phone____________________ Address________________________________City_______________________________St.__________Zip_______________ Email _________________________________________________________________________________________________

14 . I hereby certify the above information given on this entry form to be accurate to the best of my knowledge and believe and agree that all contest information provided by me pursuant to this grain sorghum yield and management contest shall be the property of the National Sorghum Producers and may be used and distributed at the sole discretion of National Sorghum Producers.

Signature of Contestant_________________________________________________Date Signed_______________________

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