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Get wise in the kitchen

Taking indoor cooking outdoors

A NEW multifunctional outdoor cooking appliance, designed to cater for all occasions that uses half the fuel of any comparable device, has been launched onto the market. Entrepreneurs Phil Hards and John Sammut have invented a unique alternative for outdoor cooking, which they believe could not only take the catering world by storm but could also prove useful in disaster areas.

CONTEMPORARY food operations require modern thinking and new methods of meeting changing culinary demands. Where a top chef would have frowned at using prepared sauce bases and desserts, today’s innovators know well-made products can help them exercise their creative know-how when it’s needed most, while giving the busy operator more time to explore a larger range of options.

Chefwise would like to introduce the Chef Quality dehydrated preparations to the food service industry. Chefwise products range from flavourful sauce bases and fragrant bouillon to stocks and seasonings with authentic flavours, all just waiting for your signature touch.

Elegant whisky launched


Glenmorangie Company unveiled a modern classic this month with the European release of

Glenmorangie Finealta at the newly reopened Savoy Hotel. Finealta,

Gaelic for ‘elegant,’ is a recreation of a 1900s Glenmorangie recipe – the time when it was served in the American Bar of the famous London hotel. The century-old recipe was recently uncovered in the distillery’s archives and is the latest addition to the Private Edition range from Glenmorangie’s award-winning whisky creators. Whisky aficionados will delight in Glenmorangie Finealta’s distinctive vanilla and citrus notes and hints of mandarin, lime and breakfast marmalade on toast. However, the final touch is a hint of peat which originates from when the distillery dried its malted barley in a peat-fired kiln.

The device, which they have named the Charbecue, has just gone into production and will be on sale in the next few weeks. Phil and John were inspired to invent the device after John pledged to organise a hog roast in his garden some nine years ago. “Researching the various methods used to roast a hog had identified a host of issues, which ranged from digging pits and building frames to frequent basting or turning and inaccurate timings; we wanted something far simpler,” explained Phil. An eye opener

KELLY’S Eye, a subsidiary of leading UK coin-op amusement supplier Sceptre Leisure, has launched its 2011 trade catalogue.

The new catalogue, which is unique to the licensed trade in terms of the vast range of products supplied, is being delivered to all venues supplied by Sceptre Leisure.

The catalogue is a true one stop shop

for the licensed trade, supplying an unrivalled range of sundry and fundraising products to pubs, clubs and bars.

As the brief for the catalogue described, ‘everything you need for a pub that is not a re-sellable stock item needs to be included’. The catalogue has a dozen product categories, offering everything from pint glasses and pool balls to picnic benches. Initial feedback from supplier partners involved with the creation of the catalogue has been fantastic, with the realisation that at last a national supplier has managed to bring so many products together under one roof.

0844 879 3576

Purrrrfect timing

ICB is targeting the key audience of highly sociable 18 to 24 year old students with a national campaign for its new V-Kat Schnapps brand, which breaks on screen in 86 high footfall student union bars this month.

The movie creative integrates eye-catching

V-Kat Schnapps graphics with powerful Kat imagery.

Close-ups showcase the distinctive black and gold livery as V-Kat Schnapps is poured in slow motion. The focus is on the versatility of the brand, which is “made to mix” with your favourite mixer, be it cranberry, cola, orange juice, or tonic and loads of ice, and is “purrrrfect with friends”. The campaign, which will be broadcast with full audio on 42” plasma

screens, commenced on February 14. It will run for a total of 13 weeks, with two spots per hour delivering 46,150,000 total impacts. John Mills, MD of ICB, said: “Subtv is the perfect medium for boosting

awareness within this important consumer group and we have a very clear offering in V-Kat Schnapps. “It is smooth, versatile and great value. At 22%, V-Kat Schnapps has a lower ABV than full strength spirits, a fact which finds a genuine resonance with young adults who are increasingly aware of the level of alcohol in the drinks they enjoy when they get together to socialise or party.” Brewer

launches cider

AB InBev UK today unveils the newest addition to its range of premium drinks: Stella Artois Cidre. A premium crafted Belgian cider made from apples fresh from the orchard, fermented in Belgium and imported to the UK, Stella Artois Cidre has a crisp and refreshing taste at 4.5% ABV. Speaking at the launch, Stuart MacFarlane, president of AB InBev UK, said: “We’re thrilled to launch Stella Artois Cidre in the UK and believe it perfectly complements our existing range of premium drinks and widens the footprint of the Stella Artois superior premium drinking experience.

“This is another demonstration of our commitment to innovation and investment in Stella Artois, and we’re very excited about introducing it to you today.” Stella Artois 4% was the most successful alcohol launch in the off- trade in the last ten years, and Stella Artois Cidre will build on AB InBev UK’s wider record of successful innovation in the UK, including the launch of Beck’s Vier, the most successful on-trade alcohol launch of the last ten years, and the 2010 launch of Budweiser Brew No. 66. As the UK’s most popular family of alcohol drinks, Stella Artois is uniquely positioned to launch Stella Artois Cidre, which reflects the brand’s premium nature, quality, craft and heritage.

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