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Scotland’s largest and most exciting hospitality, tourism and catering show

Water result Show Preview Cooking up a storm

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CATERING organisations can save thousands of litres of water a year with a Low Flow Pre-Rinse unit from T&S Brass. Pre-rinsing to remove excess waste

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product from the plates is an essential stage in an effi cient dishwashing process as it keeps the wash water cleaner for longer and loosens remaining deposits for a faster wash. But conventional spray valves can use more water than the dishwasher itself.

Modern dishwashers use around two

litres of fresh water to wash each rack of tableware. But the pre-rinsing operation can be using six litres of fresh water a minute with the pre-rinse units commonly seen in the UK.

The same pre-rinse performance can be achieved using just 2.46 litres of water a minute using the Low Flow spray valves which direct a concentrated fan of water onto the plate for a fast and effi cient washing action with the minimum of waste. T&S products are available in the UK from First Choice Catering Spares Ltd.

Scottish Culinary Championships

01543 577 778

Food on the go

ALLIANCE Scotland is exhibiting at ScotHot this year for the fourth successive time.

Come and meet the Alliance team on stand 4560 adjacent to the Restaurant of the Nations.

Alliance will be showcasing a wide tableware offering, including new crockery from Steelite with a lifetime warranty, new tapas and deli concepts from Churchill and the latest offerings on cutlery and toughened glass.

Scottish Tourism Week

In addition, Alliance will be promoting its full planning and design services for refurbishment and new-build kitchen projects. There will be a number of exclusive ScotHot prices on heavy equipment, crockery and cutlery ranges open to show attendees.

Alliance Scotland will also be using ScotHot as the offi cial launch for its superb new catalogue.

0141 771 2900 Cress and make up

BCFA Interiors & Design

KOPPERT Cress is a company that stands out because of its assortment and unique market approach. The micro-vegetables are cresses of a wide range of plants.

Chefs use Koppert Cress products to enhance the

presentation and optimise the taste sensation of their dishes. The collection is composed from 20 cresses and 15 specialties, among which

are edible fl owers and special vegetables. Examples of cress are Affi lla cress (pea fl avour), Atsina cress (anise fl avour), chilli

On-Trade@ ScotHot

cress, honny cress, limon cress, Salicornia cress (kind of samphire), sechuan cress (Champagne fl avour), shiso purple, tahoon cress (forest fl avour). Examples of fl owers are anise blossom, apple blossom, bean blossom, dushi button (very sweet fl ower), and karma (edible orchid). Examples of leaves are oyster leaves and shiso leaves. All our products are available via the fruit and vegetable suppliers all over Scotland.

Sustainability Live

Bringing together the Scottish hospitality industry to source products, establish new relationships and gain valuable industry insights.

+31 174 519 561

Don’t miss ScotHot 2011 –next opportunity will not be until 2013 Helping you know it oil Official Show Preview Sponsored by:

TRI-STAR Packaging is to showcase the innovative PortaBrands range of port- able food and drink packaging for the fi rst time at the forthcoming ScotHot exhibition in Glasgow (February 28 – March 2 stand 4830). Acquired by Tri-Star in September 2010, the PortaBrands range incorporates a wide selection of on- the-move food and drink packaging solutions, which have revolutionised the way in which people transport food and drink in a variety of environments, especially in the coffee- to-go market. PortaBrands products are particularly popular in the events management sector, where unique and pioneering drinks carriers such as the PortaDrink have transformed the experiences of millions of visitors to high profi le sports and music events.

ARMING everyone from Michelin-starred restaurant chefs to fast food operators with products that perform like a dream, AAK Foodservice is the fi rst port of call for cooking and speciality oils that are reliable, revolutionary and deliver deliciously on taste. The Prep range of High Performance oils are to be put

under the spotlight by AAK Foodservice at the 2011 ScotHot (stand number 4756).

The Prep brand is not only the undisputed market leader in foodservice cooking oils, but also now leads the way in edible oils, with a 23% market share.

Included within the range, both the Prep ZT and Ultra Long Life oils produce great looking and tasting food, and typically last two and a half times to three times longer than extended oils, cutting down on waste and reducing overall costs.

Prep ZT also offers a healthier solution to trans fats without compromising on fry quality or fry life. With a specially formulated blend of vegetable oils, it has a balanced combination of monounsaturated fatty acids (which help reduce blood cholesterol levels), saturated fatty acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids and less than 1% percent trans fatty acid.

Perfect for deep and shallow frying, as well as roasting and sautéing, Prep ZT contains no hydrogenated oil and is naturally high in Vitamin E.

01482 332 100

Ask them for the Koppert Cress products and they will be able to supply you with it!

what’s new

Stay cool

PORRELLI has been creating delicious ice creams for over 80 years now, specialising in interesting and innovative new fl avours, and priding itself on delivering exceptional customer service.

A family-run business, Porrelli is as passionate now about using the best ingredients to create award winning ice cream as it was when the business was fi rst set up by Grandpa Gerardo back in 1925. It is this secret family recipe that has helped Porrelli to win numerous industry awards. And these in turn have helped establish the brand as trusted and respected for its quality throughout the catering trade, frozen wholesalers, cash and carries and multiple retailers. Porrelli has a fl eet of refrigerated vehicles that travel across the central belt of Scotland, delivering a diverse and delicious range of ice creams, premium Italian gateaux, frozen desserts, sundries and savoury food products to the catering market. With lines expected to be introduced into a leading supermarket brand within the next few weeks, plus the introduction of a new website, these are exciting times for Porrelli. So, come along and visit the Porelli stand to try some of its mouth-watering ice creams and to fi nd out a bit more about what the company does.

Stand 4840 February 17, 2011 - SLTN - 31

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