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It’s time to raise the training bar


Good service has never been so important, providers say H

AVING well-trained staff on your payroll has never been so

That was the message from training

providers and operators last week, who told SLTN good service and quality drinks should be given top billing, particularly as consumers are expected to maintain a tight grip on the purse strings this year. Alex Turner, head of product training and mixology at Bacardi Brown- Forman Brands, reckons service and quality standards have improved in recent years, as operators have taken training more seriously. And while he said there’s “still a way to go” before everyone’s on message, BBFB is reporting growing demand for its training packages. Its programmes span everything from in-outlet sessions with field sales reps and “tactical trainers”, who deliver brand-specific and category training, to online support on drinks serves and lists through its Pourfection and Create a Menu websites. “I think operators are now

increasingly looking to give their outlet an edge over the competition and training can give that edge,” Turner told SLTN.

“Many have realised that mixed drinks and cocktails are a growing part of the business and that to have the product range and staff that know about them cannot be bad for business. “I think operators have also realised that staff that are trained are generally happier and more likely to stay. “We have seen more demand for our training, which we deliver free to our customers. And standards have generally improved.

“I’ve been doing this for ten years now and, back then, a gin and tonic or a Bacardi and Coke wouldn’t have been an appealing-looking drink and three cubes of ice was considered too much.

“Now a lot of the industry is doing it well – there has been a huge change. “The message about serves is really working and, although there is still a way to go, standards have improved.” Training in quality and service standards is also high on the agenda of Glasgow-based G1 Group, which operates more than 40 outlets across Scotland.

In the last year, the firm, SLTN’s

reigning Independent Multiple Operator of the Year, has “ramped up” its staff development structure, launching a

Bacardi Brown-Forman Brands offers a range of training options, including in-outlet sessions and online support and advice.

more comprehensive three-month induction and development programme for new staff and introducing the role of head trainer to each of its venues, with G1’s retail training manager Colin Lamb hosting regular ‘train the trainer’ sessions. The group also has a partnership with the City of Glasgow College (Central College Glasgow, Glasgow Metropolitan College and Glasgow College of Nautical Studies) where students on the HND hospitality management course get the opportunity to work with G1 for two years during their studies. It also takes advantage of training

offered by drinks companies like BBFB, Diageo Reserve Brands and Tennent’s. Group operations director David McDowall said the company is already reaping the rewards from its revamped staff development structure. “It was a very conscious decision on our part to focus even more on the quality of our product,” he told SLTN. “It’s not been a sea change in our attitude and approach but it’s certainly been amplified “ And it’s had an almost 30% effect on staff turnover; a very positive effect. “I think this year will be tough and that makes training even more critical because people will choose to go and spend their hard-earned cash where they know they will get value and a special experience.

“Operators who have overlooked the product they deliver and the consistency of that are playing a very risky game.”

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Fund offers a helping hand

OPERATORS have just a few weeks left to apply for funding to help with staff training costs. Run by Skills Development Scotland with support from the European Social Fund, the Flexible Training Opportunities Fund aims to help companies with up to 150 employees and covers 50% of training costs up to £5000.

Funds can be used for industry qualifications, masterclasses and management training. Statutory training, such as health and safety, is not covered. Skills Development Scotland boss Damien Yeates said: “The Flexible Training Opportunities Fund will help to improve productivity and create a stronger more confident workforce, ensuring that businesses are better equipped to overcome the economic downturn.” Applications must be made by March 31 using the application form at www. or call 0800 783 6000.

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