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The Tai Chi Effect:

Part of Pluta’s empowering approach to help support patients’ well-being

Cancer patients undergoing treatment, as well as those recuperating from treatment, often experience low energy and high anxiety levels. That is why more cancer patients are turning to various complementary services, including Tai Chi.

Defined as a slow, meditative physical exercise designed to promote relaxation, balance and health, Tai Chi is said to increase energy levels without causing fatigue, while also helping patients relax. “The slow, smooth, circular motions of Tai Chi calm nerves,” says Pluta Cancer Center Tai Chi Instructor Geoff Lister. “And, Tai Chi is adaptable for people who have injuries or problems standing, as the movements can be modified to avoid straining painful joints and can be done sitting down as well.”

After doing Tai Chi, Lister says most of his class members report feeling happier and more positive because of the camaraderie that’s developed. The movements are done together, gradually building links among classmates.

...class members report feeling

HAPPIER AND MORE POSITIVE because of the overall camaraderie that’s developed.

Cancer patients report a sense of control over their health as well, thanks to the ability to do the Tai Chi exercises at home. “Tai Chi can be done anytime, anywhere,” Lister says. “The techniques learned in class can be used whenever there is a

We don’t just treat cancer, we treat people

At Pluta Cancer Center, we believe patients and their families should understand their treatment options and be involved in core decisions.

Pluta’s highly skilled medical professionals provide radiation and chemotherapy in a supportive, comfortable environment designed with patient comfort in mind.

By choosing Pluta, patients choose to be treated at a place with the expertise, personnel and clinical resources to address cancer from every angle—with sophisticated technologies and the restorative power of the human touch.

125 Red Creek Drive Rochester, NY 14623


ROCHESTER HEALTHY LIVING | APRIL 2011 | 7 desire to increase energy level and mood.”

Pluta Cancer Center offers Tai Chi and other complementary services, including yoga, massage therapy and nutrition counseling to its patients.

Your Cancer.

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