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Elektra Lighting Stockholm Waterfront


After many years of design, planning and building works, Elektra Lighting Design has revealed its lighting scheme for the new Stockholm Waterfront development.

The new development at Stockholm Waterfront comprises a brand new Radisson SAS Hotel, conference centre and a fully equipped modern office block, with all lighting design by Elektra. For the conference room, lighting is controlled from the stage lighting control room. It was decided early that a wire-mesh full-access ceiling would be used. All services including lighting run above this mesh, which can be walked over normally. It has over 95 per cent free area, so that lighting can simply be installed above it to illuminate the stage. A large amount of stage lighting equipment including moving headlights was installed over this mesh ceiling, as well as linear fluorescent fittings. However, if close-offset accenting is used to wash across it, it becomes bright, and appears solid. This creates a ceiling to the space. An individually addressable DMX RGB system from Traxon is used here to cater for different events. In other rooms, lighting is provided by an integrated linear profile system from Modular Lighting. Around the perimeter of rooms, this is entirely frosted on the front, giving a perimeter wash to the space and ensuring the walls are brightly lit. Across the centre of the rooms, the lighting is a linear profile with a mix of linear fluorescent fittings for uniform illumination, and a series of narrow spots for accenting. These are separately switched, and allow a less formal atmosphere if required.


In the secondary conference areas, the bars have internally lit ceiling features, which allow them to be clearly and easily seen from a distance and to allow maximum use of the space for the guests. The entrance lobby is by necessity a

large space, designed by the architects to allow thousands of people to enter and leave simultaneously. Lighting is simple and allows this easily. In addition, Elektra used feature lighting to highlight points of interest. In addition the long wall opposite the main entrance door has a stunning LED-lit wooden wall.

The canyon separates the hotel from the conference centre. Functional metal halides mounted on the underside of the ceiling beams give functional lighting. However, for evening events these turn off. Lighting under steps and in escalators provide safe movement, whilst linear LEDs inside the Nordic wood feature wall and in the window reveals add texture and interest. This feature was added deliberately to give movement and animation to this area. The hotel reception/lounge area is double height in places. Lighting accentuates this feature, for example in the lounge bar area, with its wall of backlit, floating mirrors reaching up to the ceiling. The hotel lighting borrows from the convention centre in its use of profiles with multiple integrated lighting sources, but it plays with them by using them at odd angles, overlapping and creating not a uniform lighting effect but a source of drama.

Features are accented, floors are left dark and the whole is blended together. In the hotel restaurant, the lighting changes for breakfast and dinner sittings. Lighting is bright in the morning, while in the evening, the colour temperature changes to warmer. Uplit curtains are used to subdivide and close off the space. In the office area, the reception features a huge copper cube. Elektra decided to light it brightly to the exclusion of a general, uniform solution. The interior designers wanted a ceiling with a cracked “frozen ice” pattern over it. With experimentation, Elektra them to run this over the entire ceiling and downlights were not recessed into it, but behind it. A number of holes allow light through to wash the copper cube walls. These holes run over the entire ceiling, but are just more numerous where we need them to be to allow light out. Planning permission was not given for any form of exterior lighting at all, and the building is currently unlit outside. However, a discussion is ongoing with the local authorities, who have seen the building unlit at night and are beginning to question the wisdom of their decision.


Lighting design: Elektra Lighting Design 020 7288 0155 Manufacturers: Erco, ETC, Fagerhult, Glamox Elektro AB, Light Graphix, Modular Lighting, Robe UK, TAL, Traxon Technologies.



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