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■ Technologies for Low Carbon Transportation in New Sound Environments ■ Tuesday, 29 March 2011 9.00amto 5.00pm ■ International Digital Laboratory,WMG, University ofWarwick ■A joint EIS &WarwickWMG seminar & exhibition

Automotivemanufacturers are launching new low-carbon hybrid and electric vehicles. Although these quieter

powertrains offer enhanced vehicle refinement, problems concerning the driver experience and pedestrian safety have been introduced. Resolving these issues will

therefore call for new skills to be developed and new knowledge to be explored. This year’s EIS seminar will

provide opportunity to discuss these new concerns. Here the most recent research by academia and industry will be presented, while the latest technological developments will be on show during the accompanying exhibition.

Educators and educated: The successful cadet graduates from the Cranwell Awards Ceremony

First Company of EducatorsAwards are presented toRAF cadets at Cranwell

SEE’s Chief Executive Professor Raymond Clark OBE is cur- rentlyMaster of theCompany of Educators intheCity ofLondon. The Educators are a new com- pany and are due to achieve full Livery Status in 2013. As amoderncompany theEd-

ucators have a remit to provide debate and discussion on awide

ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS IEC 62498: Railway applications. Environmental conditions for rail vehicles. -1 Equipment on board rolling stock. -2 Fixed electrical installations. -3 Equipment for signalling and communications.

ENVIRONMENTAL TESTING BS ISO 12021: Road vehicles. Sensitivity to lateral wind. Open loop testmethod using wind generator input. BS ISO 24917: Space systems. General test requirements for launch vehicles.

ACOUSTICS BS EN ISO 15186: Acoustics. Measurement of insulation in buildings and of building elements using sound intensity.

-2 Fieldmeasurements. -3 Laboratorymeasurements at low frequencies.

CLIMATIC ISO 29664: Plastics. Artificial weathering including acidic deposition. IEC 60068-2-5: Environmental testing. Tests. Test Sa simulated solar radiation at ground level and guidance. Corrigendum1 (note this Corrigendumdoes not encompass all errors and a second Corrigendumis already in preparation).

SHOCK AND VIBRATION ISO 18437-2:Mechanical vibration and shock. Characterisation of the dynamicmechanical properties of visco-elastic materials. -2 Resonancemethod -3 Cantilever shear beam method.

16 ◆ Environmental Engineering ◆ February 2011

range of educational matters as well asmaintaining other chari- table activities. One such is forging linkswith

other educational organisations andrecentlyProfessorClarkpre- sented the first annual awards fromthe Company ofEducators to trainers from CVQO (Cadet VocationalQualificationsOrgan-

EN 61373: Railway applications. Rolling stock equipment. Shock and vibration tests.

ELECTRO-MAGNETIC BS ISO 11452-11: Road vehicles. Component test method for electrical disturbances from narrowband radiated electromagnetic energy. Reverberation chambers. BS 50529: EMC network standard. -1Wire-line telecommunications network using telephone lines. -2Wire-line telecommunications network using coaxial cables. CLC/TR 50538: Guide to EMC directive conformity of equipment designed for military purposes. BS EN 50554: Basic standard for the in-situ assessment of a broadcast site related to the

isation) at their annual Awards Ceremony at RAF Cranwell in thepresence of theCVQOChair- man, Admiral The LordWest. CVQO is a charity responsi-

ble for managing vocational qualifications for members of the Combined Cadet Force, Sea Cadet Corps, Army Cadet Force and Air Training Corps.


general public exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic fields. EN 61000-4: EMC. Testing andmeasurement techniques. -11 Voltage dips, short interruptions and voltage variations immunity tests. -20 Emission and immunity testing in transverse electromagnetic waveguides. -22 Radiated emissions and immunitymeasurements in fully anechoic rooms. BS IEC 61340-4-8: Electrostatics. Standard test method for specific applications. Discharge shielding. Bags. IEC/TR 62433-2-2: EC IC modelling. Theory of black boxmodelling for conducted emissions. PD IEC/TR 62630: Guidance for evaluating exposure from multiple electromagnetic sources.

By David Richards Hon.FSEE, CEng, CEnv LockheedMartin UK Ampthill

PACKAGING BS EN ISO 4180: Packaging. Complete, filled transport packages. General rules for the compilation of performance test schedules. BS EN 12195-1: Load restraint on road vehicles. Safety. Calculation of securing forces.

MISCELLANEOUS BS EN ISO 148-1:Metallic materials. Charpy pendulumimpact test. Testmethod. BS EN 13313: Refrigerating systems and heat pumps. Competency of personnel. BS EN 15930: Fibres. Elasticity of fibres. Test method. ISO 29473: Fire tests. Uncertainty ofmeasurements in fire tests. IEC 62502: Analysis techniques for dependability. Event tree analysis (ETA).

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