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Tamarind to launch Californian sister restaurant

cover restaurant will be open for lunch and dinner and will also offer a valet service.

Rajesh Suri, chief executive of Tamarind, says, “We’ve had a number of offers over the years but none has been as attractive as that of Crystal Cove Promenade in Newport Beach. It goes without saying that the location is wonderful but we were also very impressed by the locals’ openness to new concepts and dishes.”

The owners of Mayfair’s Michelin- starred Tamarind restaurant are to open a second venue in California’s Newport Beach this summer. The new Tamarind of London will mimic the menu and style of its Mayfair counter- part and will open at Newport Beach’s Crystal Cove Promenade, serving executive chef Alfred Prasad’s menu

of traditional Indian favourites and modern, seasonal dishes.

Tamarind of London’s restaurant and alfresco patio has been designed by a local designer to marry traditional Indian features to the resort feeling of Crystal Cove Promenade. The 144-

Newport Beach, which was made famous by TV drama The OC, is ranked as one of the richest cities in the USA. Chef Prasad adds: “Opening a sister to Tamarind in the USA is a real career high for me. It’s going to be very chal- lenging and exciting replicating our signature dishes in a totally different country and I am relishing the oppor- tunity to introduce our brand of Indian cuisine to a whole new clientele and to work with some exciting new products and suppliers.”

Business Forum urges government to cut red tape

The head of the Forum of Private Business, chief executive Phil Orford has warned that the Government must fulfil its pledges to cut red tape in the workplace if it wants smaller busi- nesses to replace the jobs set to be lost in the public sector, adding that a long-overdue simplification of the tax system would also encourage more companies to expand.

In a recent open letter he argued that, despite current levels of unem- ployment, many SMEs still struggle to recruit people with the right skills and knowledge, so a refocusing of the education system would also come as

Spice Business Magazine

a boost to smaller firms. He added, “Employment law, in particular, must cease to be a barrier to job creation and should be rebalanced more in favour of employers – and the major- ity of the workforce – not just individual employees.Simplifying employment law would go a long way towards empowering entrepreneurs to create jobs to grow their businesses, but there is a need to address workforce training and skills.”

Mr Orford also announced that the Forum – a not-for-profit organisation founded in 1977 – will soon be launch- ing a campaign aimed at improving the


fortunes of both its members and the wider SME community. ‘Get Britain Trading’ will highlight the huge con- tribution smaller businesses make to the British economy. It will also call on SMEs across the UK to get involved in order to get their voices heard and help the Forum lobby top-level deci- sion-makers on their behalf. Mr Orford concluded, “Small businesses hold the key to a private sector-led recovery, however they require fair and open trading conditions in order to grow and create jobs.”

March 2011

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