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Mondo TV Interview

features the adventures of the young Jay, Mac, Alice and Toto who accompany the brave Keep during a journey in search of his origins. Keep has no memory of his past, but he owns an ancient and magic artefact called Spin Shell that grants him the power of taming and fusing with the Beasts - legendary beings from the Underworld. The new series is targeted at 7 to 12 year olds with 52 x 13 minute episodes.

Monsters and Pirates is another

co-production, this time with Magic Production Group (MPG) - a subsidiary of Italian confectionery giant Ferrero Group - and Mondo TV. The series presently has 13 x 13 minute episodes with 13 more brand new episodes currently in production and ready for autumn this year. Aimed at 6 to 10 year olds, Monsters and Pirates features an enchanting adventure on the high seas, where the main characters go searching for the legendary treasure of Captain Barracuda. Virus Attack will also be at

MIPTV, following on from its successful presentation last year. Matteo Corradi clarifi ed just how successful that showcase was, making Virus Attack the most advanced boys property for Mondo TV so far, with numerous enquiries about its licensing programme (even though the series hasn’t been screened as of yet): “Virus Attack will premier on air this August in Italy, on both Cartoon Network and Boing Italia. Working with Giochi

Preziosi - who are the Master toy licensee – will no doubt create high expectations and excitement for the toy line. We are also receiving many further requests already for licensing and merchandising categories worldwide. Previously Mondo TV had little experience in boy’s properties and (licensing too) - possibly because we went through a time when this kind of business model wasn’t frequently requested. This year however, with Virus Attack, it is going to be our fi rst real go in the branded properties business area and we are sure it is going to be a very good and positive experience with this new brand.”

Matteo continued: “The Boys market is very competitive, but we believe that each property will take its deserved piece of cake and success in the market. We see many well known boys properties that have sequels and on-going TV shows, and this means that worldwide strong properties are most likely to be in the dedicated boys market. The properties vary from Monsters, vampires, aliens, superheroes, to a simple little boy like BEN 10...and the successes are still coming! A very positive reaction to the market’s needs, which will encourage us in looking forward and fi nding the best way of placing our coming boys properties.”

Other Mondo TV series that will

be presented at MIPTV this year includes Puppy in My Pocket, Angel’s Friends and Playtime

39 Mondo Interview

Buddies. Mondo TV has signed a deal with master toy licensee Giochi Preziosi to produce toys for Angel’s Friends, which is based on the comic books by Simona Ferri. The property currently has a second season of 52 x 13-minute episodes now in production along with one TV movie due for release. Playtime Buddies is another new series, co-produced by Mondo TV, Visual Picnic and Licensing Works. Aimed at 3 to 5 year old pre-school children, the property’s 52 x 13-minute episodes will start screening in autumn 2012 along with the production of toys through master toy licensee MEG. Mondo TV has stepped up a gear with its new style and direction, focussing on developing its brands and taking them further to complete the circle of kids

production programmes and all facets of the business related to them. The company is doing this through a solid alliance with the American toy company MEG Toys, along with Giochi Preziosi, and bringing to the market in 2011 and 2012 several new animated cartoons and licences that they feel certain will be successful in the future.

Mondo TV is always looking ahead at future licences and opportunities for new properties with Matteo commenting: “I am expecting more and more trendy lines developed and categories satisfying all markets, from apparels, to electronic devices and video games, applications on line, or even on mobiles and smartphones.” Virus Attack the mobile app could therefore be just around the corner!

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