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Mondo TV Interview

Mondo TV Magic

this year with the likes of new properties Virus Attack, Dinofroz, Monsters and Pirates, Beast Keeper and Power Buggz – all noticeably Boys properties. One of these properties was showcased at MIPTV last year and two will be shown for the fi rst time at this year’s show, as Matteo Corradi explains: “Mondo presented (at MIPTV, Las Vegas and BLE last year) our strong Boys property Virus Attack (co-produced with SUK and Mondo TV). However, for MIPTV and Las Vegas this year, we will announce the arrival of


ondo TV has been growing its animation and production series

Dinofroz - co-produced by Mondo TV and Giochi Preziosi - and the Manga style cartoon, Beast Keeper - a co production of Mondo TV, Starbright, Kappa Edizioni and Ponpoko.” This represents just a small sector of growth for the company which last year showcased three properties at MIPTV this year it will present a total of eight. The new Dinofroz series, based on the pocket-size collectable toys from Giochi Preziosi, follows four childhood friends who fi nd a way of accessing a parallel time dimension where they fi nd themselves turned into dinosaurs in the middle of a never-ending war with dragons. Tom, Eric, John and Bob are

Mondo TV has been expanding and growing its programming and brands considerably over the past year, especially on the licensing and merchandising side. LTW recently spoke to Matteo Corradi, senior vice president of international sales, to therefore fi nd out about its latest programmes, licenses and plans for the future.

“The boys market is very competitive, but we believe that each property will take its deserved piece of cake and success in the market. We see many well known boys properties that have sequels and on-going TV shows, and this means that worldwide strong properties are most likely to be in the dedicated boys market.”

Matteo Corradi

38 Mondo Interview

regular 12-year old boys at school, who fi nd a strange board game that opens up a gate between the present and the past. The board game is their link to the two worlds and warns the boys whenever they need to save the other dinosaurs from the evil clutches of Neceron – the king of the dragons. The new full high-defi nition show, with CG effects, consists of 26 x 26-minute episodes, which are due to begin airing in autumn 2012. “For Dinofroz we are in initial negotiations with an EMEA broadcaster for fall 2012. This will most likely coincide with the simultaneous announcement of a very possible worldwide deal with the same broadcaster,” Matteo enthused.

Another new series starting in autumn 2012 from Mondo TV is Power Buggz. Matteo clarifi ed that the show is a co-production directed by Orlando Corradi: “Power Buggz is a co-production with Los Angeles based toy company MEG and Mondo TV. It is a comedy Boys adventure, with very well written scripts and American humour. MEG’s international property will be ready for autumn 2012.” It begins with a mysterious explosion that rocks the science lab at Coastal High School and Dr. Kristoff Dralda’s insect specimens are nowhere to be found. Have the insects escaped and changed into something more? The brand new Beast Keeper,

also directed by Orlando Corradi and due to begin in autumn 2012,

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