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The 42-foot ABIGAIL & CARTER, built by John's Bay Boat Company of South Bristol and owned by Chris Page, is one of nicest looking boats racing on the coast.

Believe it or not there are only four months before Maine Lobster Boat Racing Association’s (Association) first race at Boothbay. It is hard for me to believe as I was trying to chop through several feet of ice and the forecast was calling for another few inches of snow at the end of the week. Well, yes it is still February, but where has the last seven months gone?

The 2010 season was an incredible one, with records set in both the gasoline (FOOLISH PLEASURE, Galen Alley, Beals Island, 68.9 mph) and diesel classes (STARLIGHT EXPRESS, Alfred Osgood, Vinalhaven, 58.9 mph).

The bar had been raised in Gasoline Class D as it was the first year alcohol was allowed. There were a lot of questions about safety, but there were no problems at any of the races. It did bring out numerous people to see FOOLISH PLEASURE run pushing the record up more than four mph. We were all hoping that someone would come out and challenge her. The Engerts brought out their THUNDERBOLT for two races, but she did not fair well. Ellery Alley tried to get UNDERDOG up and running, but the engine went bad on the dyno.

What really impressed race fans was STARLIGHT EXPRESS breaking the diesel record. This is a real work boat that was extremely impressive running down the course at over 50 mph. Race fans were also

impressed by Tom Clemons’ MOTIVATION and Andy Johnson’s WHISTLIN’ DIXIE. There was a lot of great racing in all the classes, but the most important race was, without question, our newest event, MS Harborfest, in Portland. The weekend is filled with events and races all used to raise funds for the MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Society. Ever since this race was put on our schedule it has been amazing how many fishermen have said that they either had a family member, friend, or just someone they knew that was suffering from the disease. When all was totaled up, this race had raised over $11,200, through entry fees, t-shirt sales and winnings. It was a great weekend and one that was truly loved by all those that attended and I bet that it will be bigger and raise much more next year. One major change will be that the tugboats will join the lobster boats out on the race course. This will make one great day for the real work boats. With the close of the season the next big event was the Awards Banquet held at the Trade Winds Motor Inn in Rockland at the end of October. This is a great get together, a lot of celebrating, and affordable rooms for those that may have partied too much. Following dinner, the annual meeting was held. The year was reviewed and an update was given regarding Aura360, who was trying to make lobster boat racing a reality television show. Aura360 said that they had

enough film and needed to film some additional people for their network pitch. A further update is that several networks are interested and wanted to know if there were any restaurants used by the fishermen for breakfast. A few were named and they were pleased and we now wait to see what happens next. The treasurer’s report was given and the budget was discussed. Then it was time to discuss any rules and class changes. There were none proposed from the board or advisors. However, Rocky Alley asked if a change could be made to the type of exhaust, wet to dry, in Gasoline Class A, B and C. There was a brief discussion, a motion was made and passed without opposition. Fuel injection was also brought up and since all gasoline engines being put into boats today are fuel injected, it was voted that fuel injection is now legal. The use of a turbine engine was brought up, but was not voted on.

The only other change was to the point races. We had eight point races (Boothbay, Rockland, Moosebec, Searsport, Stonington, Friendship, Harpswell and Winter Harbor) with Pemaquid and Portland non-point races. It was voted to make Portland a points race. This will allow those from the southern part of the state to race at Boothbay, Harpswell and Portland to qualify for the year-end awards. You still need just three races to qualify and only your best five

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races will be counted if you race more than five events.

Next came the election of officers. The 2010 officers were President Jon Johansen, Vice President Travis Otis and Secretary/ Treasurer Rachel Elward. It was asked if anyone would like to run for office, but there were no takers. The membership suggested the slate remain the same, which followed by a motion and the slate was voted in for another year term.

The meeting was then adjourned. One thing that was learned is that the annual meeting in the future will be held before Happy Hour and dinner.

In mid-winter the Association was informed that Motor Services Hugo Stamp would not continue their sponsorship this year. They were a great sponsor and they were thanked for their three years of participation. Currently the Association is looking for a successor or successors. There have been a number of people who have asked to sponsor the races, and hopefully a new sponsor will be announced soon. As we look toward this year’s racing we can only hope that it will be as good as last year. We have not heard any rumours floating around as to new boats or someone re-powering, but that does not mean that something is not being done that would make a real big splash.

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