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Relax And Sleep Well With Chamomile Over a million cups a day of chamomile tea are consumed by people of all ages to relax, calm nerves, reduce anxi- ety, ease digestive disorders and enjoy a full night’s sleep. Chamomile is listed as a drug in the herbal pharmacopeia of 26 countries, and its beneficial effects have been en- joyed since ancient times in all corners of the globe. Read more on page 6.

Women’s Health The Hormone Doctor: “I’m embarrassed for you as an academician.”

During a lecture on synthetic hormone replacement therapy, held at a presti- gious Florida university last summer and attended by 200 doctors selected from around the world, Neal Rouzier, MD stood up. Dr. Rouzier, a member of the panel of hormone experts invited to speak, had just completed his own presen- tation, clearly making a case for bio-identical hormones. Now, he felt obliged to correct the current speaker. Read more on page 13.

Health Care Individualized Healthcare

Recently, there has been a booming interest in the con- nection between disease and human genetics. The ability of your healthcare provider to indentify your genetic weak- nesses and tendencies is an important new tool in treating and preventing illness. Read more on page 16.

Fitness Stress Reduction: Cultivate More Energy Than You Spend

Stress, what does it mean to you? In my experience it probably means some- thing a little different to each person. In fact, what may be stressful for one per- son may not even bother another. To me this means that stress is all about per- ception, and if that’s true, then how each of us handles stress will be different from person to person, based on what we perceive to be stressful. Read more on page 5.


Health Ranger to the Rescue!

It ’s

Mike Adams

Author • Investigative Journalist • Educator by mike bundrant

As President Obama remarked in his State of the Union address, it is innovation that drives America and makes us what we are. As the publisher of Healthy Times News- paper I’ve had the rare privilege of inter- viewing some of the early innovators of the health movement. Jack Lalanne,

whose recent passing we mourn, put natural health and fitness on the map. Ray Wilson, who brought the Life Cycle to the market in the 1980’s and helped keep Mr. Lalanne in the limelight as a behind-the-scenes player, was a joy to meet and interview.

By Mike Bundrant

As the originators of our modern obsession with health take their place in history, they pass the torch on to a new generation of innovators who, stand- ing on the shoulders of the early pioneers, have put wellness into the hands of millions via the Internet. Mike Adams of is chief among this new generation of natural health advocates. has been around since 2003 and, in the short time since then, has generated 600,000 subscribers and more than two million visitors every month. Mike’s controversial and outspoken stance against big pharma, unyielding commitment to preserve the history of natural medicine and his sheer belief in the healing power of alternative therapies make him the most interesting character in the industry. Please enjoy part of my recent conver- sation with him.

HT: So, what is your story? How did you become the Health Ranger?

Mike Adams: I used to be in the technology industry and founded what has become a very successful software company. By age thirty I had done well as an entrepreneur in a traditional sense (that I actually don’t agree with any- more). I was doing well financially, but my health was a disaster and I knew my lifestyle wasn’t going to work for me long-term as a human being. I had severe hypoglycemia, borderline diabetes, and was borderline obese. I was suffering from chronic back pain and many other issues.

Then I picked a health book, Sugar Busters. I learned about sugar and was shocked that this one substance could be so devastating to our health. I had never heard this from doctors and I actually knew several doctors who were personal friends, practicing family medicine, who had never mentioned this fact. So, it opened my eyes and I learned to modify my own life and diet.

I was astonished by how much better I was feeling because of what I was eat- ing! I started to drop body weight and the pain was going away. My cogni- tive ability to read and remember was rapidly improving. In my twenties my ability to learn foreign languages wasn’t very good. Today, I do much better.

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