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THE BOY FROM OZ (Based on Nick Enright’s book and staged by The Production Company in Melbourne)

The mother, her son and a duck called Leon...on a crazy trip...around the world! Love this movie and the insanity!

and Stuart Thompson. In association with Egmond Pacifi c Entertainment and David Hannay Productions. Directed by Mark Hembrow. Soundtrack by Blue Pie Records. The Argues’, follows the journey of an out of work actor struggling to get himself a word class agent and starting a wild duck chase instead.


fter 12 years Todd McKenney is back as Peter Allen in The Boy From Oz, directed by Nancy Hayes for a limited season at the Capitol Theatre. The stage is set with Peter’s beautiful white grand piano, a set of stairs to the right, pretty fairy lights and the talented musical direction of John Foreman and his brilliant 11 piece band set middle back stage. Todd McKenney is effervescent and invigorating as he brilliantly portrays the life of Peter Allen, from a young boy (played superbly by a young Blake O’Leary) growing up in Armidale NSW, Chris Bell who Peter teams up with in Surfers Paradise to make up the Allen Brothers (credibly played by Stephen Wheat), his success on Bandstand, his chance meeting with Judy Garland who discovered Peter in a nightclub in Hong Kong, his ill-fated marriage to Liza Minelli, through to his relationship and death of his partner Greg Cornell Robyn Archer who portrays Peters dedicated Mother (Marion Woolnough) sings a magnifi cent rendition of “Don’t Cry Out Loud”, Christen O’Leary has the pizzaz and guise to portray Judy Garland and Fem Belling as Liza Minelli’s character is compelling. Peter’s long time partner Greg Connell (portrayed by Alex Rathgeber) sings “I honestly Love You” (which brings a tear to the eye) with warmth and convincing tenderness. The trio of female singers on stage with Todd are vibrant, lively and stunning- Sun Park as Linelle, Claire George as Karen and Samantha Moreley as Sheena.

The result is an insight into the world behind the glamour of Hollywood. But the tongue-in-cheek fi lm was born under David Argues’ clothesline as he created his next co-star: a four foot black duck with rope legs, a big yellow beak and ‘a really bad attitude’. His mum, Patricia, sat in the kitchen watching dubiously as he messed about with feathers, interrupting him to plea, “David you’ve got to get a job.” The actor could only reply, “I know mum, that’s why I’m making this duck.” When David fi nished bringing ‘Leon Skanks’ to life, he packed up his mum and the puppet and all three embarked on a fi lming adventure. David had a dream; a dream that would see him take his mother Pat around the world, visiting the places that his parents had been in the 1950s when they had toured and skated with “Holiday On Ice”. David had had this wish this since his father Graham passed some time ago.

But David was doing it tough; getting clean, no more alcohol and no work and, living with his septuagenarian mum in her very suburban home. He took to making puppets for therapy. One of these he called Leon Skank, a dangerously funny and very mouthy duck; David’s alter ego you might say!

The once great, and highly respected Australian actor who had appeared

tarring David Argue, Patricia Argue, Rosslyn Abernethy, Steven Tandy

beside both Mel Gibson and Nicole Kidman and in classic Aussie fi lms like Razorback, Going Down and Blood Oath, to name just a few, was convinced that with a bit of skating, healthy eating, general good living and a good attitude his dream, might just come true. Then one day the earth “moved” and the puppet Leon Skank came to life. Like the proverbial Genie in the bottle he granted David one wish. And he wished his wish, to take his mother around the world.

But David tells everyone he is Leon Skank! He thinks this will get him the attention he needs. Limo at the ready he cruises the streets of LA thrusting the ebullient Leon at anyone who’ll stop and pay attention. Batman, Darth Vader, the very reverend Reverend and footpaths full of gawking on-lookers are both dumb struck, or Skank struck as it were, and more than amused by the rapid beaked repartee of this very strange visitor to their already very strange shores.

Pat and David head to New York.

Venice, Dubai, Florence and back to Melbourne in time to share a Christmas bash in the Argues backyard! Has David’s dream come true? Or was it all just a dream? You will have to see the fi lm to fi nd out at the following cinema locations

CINEMA LOCATIONS The fi lm will be showing at the following cinemas from the end of March until the end of April 2011

The Chauvel Cinema Paddington Cnr Oxford St & Oatley Rd, Paddington NSW P: (02) 9361 5398 w:

The Blue Room Cinema Bar Brisbane Level 1, 151 Baroona Rd, Paddington QLD P: 07 3876 4566 w:

The Mercury Cinema Adelaide 13 Morphett Street Adelaide SA P: 08 8410 1934 w:

Cinema Nova Melbourne 380 Lygon St, Carlton VIC p: 03 9347 5331 w:

Luna Palace Cinemas Perth 155 Oxford Street, Leederville 6007 P: (08) 9444 4056. w:


Fifty Plus Lifestyle is giving away 15 double passes to see

“THE ARGUES - THE MOVE” at one of the venues listed above. Each double pass is valued at $30.00.

For your chance to win, simply email your contact name and details including telephone contact to:


with “THE ARGUES” in the subject line. Alternatively, write your details on the back of an envelope and post it to: Fifty Plus Lifestyle “THE ARGUES” Give Away PO Box 4101, Bay Village NSW 2261



hief Minister and Minister for the Arts, Jon Stanhope, has called for nominations for the ACT Book of the Year Award and ACT Poetry Prize.

“These awards allow the ACT Government to encourage and recognise the achievements of some of Canberra’s most talented writers and poets, and to honour the valuable contribution they make to the cultural life of the ACT,” Mr Stanhope said.

The ACT Book of the Year Award, which carries a prize of $10,000,

Todd McKenney sings and vigorously dances in the second half most of the popular songs of Peter Allen including the famous Tenterfi eld Saddler with original footage of Peter Allen, the dazzling chorus line of Everything Old is New Again and the spectacular fi nale of I Go To Rio. The Boy From Oz is a magnifi cent, exceptional, fun production that no one should miss. I would recommend The Boy From Oz as a 9/10. The Boy From Oz plays at the Capitol Theatre Sydney until March 17th


Review by Entertainment Editor “Wozzi”. Photos courtesy Jeff Busby

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recognises quality contemporary fi ction and non-fi ction works.

Previous winners have included Marion Halligan in 2010 for Valley of Grace and Nicholas Drayson in 2009 for A Guide to the Birds of East Africa: A Novel.

Nominations are also being sought for the four categories under the ACT Poetry Prize which carry a total prize pool of $20,000.

The Judith Wright Prize for a published collection, Alec Bolton Prize for an

unpublished manuscript and Rosemary Dobson Prize for an unpublished poem by an Australian poet are open for national entry while the David Campbell Prize is awarded for an unpublished poem by an ACT-based poet.

Nominations for the Book of the Year

Award and Poetry Prize close on Friday April 1.

Nomination forms are available from or by contacting artsACT on 6207 2384.

21 March, 10 am - 12 noon. U3A

U3A “SENIORS WEEK” EVENTS: 30 March, 1.30 - 4 pm.

Northern Beaches, Newport Community Centre: Lecture “The fi rst Vice-regal family in Australia”. Free lunch provided, booking required, phone 99972825.

22 March, 12 - 2 pm.

U3A Inner West: Picnic at Woodstock. Bring own lunch. 22 March, 11 am - 1 pm.

U3A Northern Beaches, Balgowlah All Saints Church Hall: A slide presentation on creatures of myth, fantasy and imagination. Very suitable for people with hearing diffi culties.

24 March, 2 - 4 pm.

U3A Northern Beaches, Nelson Heather Senior Citizen’s Centre, Warriewood: A discussion forum on “Contemporary Issues”. Opportunity for all to contribute.

U3A Northern Beaches, Nelson Heather Senior Citizen’s Centre, Warriewood: Anecdotes and movies from the early 50’s. Ice cream served during the intermission.

1 April, 2 - 4 pm.

U3A Northern Beaches, Nelson Heather Senior Citizen’s Centre, Warriewood: Lecture “The Story of Diamonds”. Refreshments available.


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