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State Reps Meet with Hudson Selectmen

by Doug Robinson The NH State Representatives who


govern Hudson met with Hudson selectmen in an effort to update the Hudson Board on the current State of Affairs regarding the State of NH, as well as receive feedback and dialogue from Hudson’s selectmen to their needs or concerns. This meeting was the third attempt at meeting with the selectmen, as the Representatives blew off the January invitation and were not able to meet due to a snowstorm for the February meeting. Out of the 13 Reps, only six were present at the meeting: Bob Haeffner, George Lambert, Andy Renzullo, Jonathan Maltz, Shaun Doherty, and Shawn Jasper. Discussions between the State Reps and the Board of Selectmen centered on state budgeting, a third bridge over the Merrimack River, taxes, Lowell Road traffic, circumferential highway, and pensions. Representative Renzullo began the discussion by stating, “The State is doing what it must do, not what it wants to do…the budget is the focus, and people are working diligently on the budget.” He continued to state, “We are in a world of hurt.”

In addition, Renzullo commented that

the Governor had established three special committees to review retirement, education funding, and redistricting. “We have a $900 million shortfall,” he said. Selectman Richard Maddox referred to 2007 minutes of the meeting when the Reps last met with the Board. “Four years ago, the items Hudson wanted to bring forward were the circumferential highway, Benson’s, and the retirement system. How do we move it [circumferential highway] forward; is there anything on the list we can look forward to?” he asked. The State Reps agreed that the issue of

the circumferential highway needed to be discussed with the NH Department of

Representatives Bob Haeffner, Andy Renzullo, Shaun Doherty, Shawn Jasper, and Jonathan Maltz stand with Selectman Roger Coutu and Town Administrator Steve Malizia. Selectmen’s Chairman Ken Massey and Selectman Richard Maddox sit at the table

Transportation (DOT). However, at this point in time, as the projects now being worked upon by the state are “shovel- ready” projects, the circumferential highway would be very low on the priority list.

Selectman Roger Coutu stated, “I am disappointed [tonight] in the turnout [State Reps].” He continued to state that Hudson had two industrial parks that were empty and that if you cannot get to them, they would have no value to business that would be interested in relocating to Hudson. “I firmly believe you have an obligation beyond the leadership while it makes for great political rhetoric for the 13 of you to stand firm as a number, and we need to address the problem of Lowell Road and how we are going to do that. The projects now funded are shovel-ready.”

In addition, Coutu also challenged the Reps with their positions on the Business Profit and Enterprise Tax, as well as their positions with regards to keeping up with MA gambling. “Figure out a way to generate revenue to maintain services and get ahead of MA in terms of gambling, specifically Keno,” stated Coutu. While the Reps stated that the mantra from Republican leadership states “no new taxes,” none of the Reps offered any suggestions as to how to generate any additional income for the State, nor did they support the third bridge over the Merrimack. They also stated that it would be hard for any other NH Rep to support the circumferential highway if they were not from the Hudson area due to these economic times.

Community Majority Leader Congratulates State Representative Renzullo for Area News Group

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Passage of Legislation Reducing the State Meals and Rooms Tax On March 4, Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt (R-Salem)

House Bill 166 will lower the meals and rooms tax by

congratulated State Representative Andy Renzullo (R-Hudson) for his sponsorship and passage of legislation that seeks to roll back the increase in the State’s Meals and Rooms Tax.

“Representative Renzullo is a valuable asset to his constituents and the State of New Hampshire. This legislation will save taxpayers money and ensure our small businesses, tourism industry, and retail and dining establishments remain competitive. This bill will stimulate our economy and the tax reduction will directly benefit all of New Hampshire’s citizens.”

12 percent (from 9 percent to 8 percent), keeping more money in the hands of consumers and tourists in New Hampshire and thereby increasing their ability to spend their money directly on goods and services and less on taxes. “It’s appalling that a restaurant in Hudson or Nashua has

to charge their customer a higher tax on their meal than a restaurant in Tyngsborough or Dracut. Let’s level the playing field,” said Representative Renzullo. The bill was passed by the House 285-78.

Greater Hudson Chamber of Commerce to Hold 42nd Annual Awards Dinner

The Greater Hudson Chamber of Commerce (GHCC) has announced its award recipients for Citizen of the Year, Large Business of the Year, and Small Business of the Year: •

• •

Citizen of the Year: Pauline Boisvert of Hudson, being honored for her dedication to the town through her leadership, community involvement, and volunteerism; Small Business of the Year: Showtime Computers

Large Business of the Year: St. Joseph Healthcare will be honored for their generous and continuous service as distinguished business leaders in our community.

At 6 p.m. on Wednesday, March 23, the Greater Hudson Chamber of Commerce (GHCC) will be hosting its 42nd Annual

Awards Dinner to honor the recipients. The dinner will be held at The Castleton, 92 Indian Rock Road in Windham. Speaking at the dinner will be Gary Hirshberg, CEO of Stonyfield Farm Yogurt. The Executive Sponsor is BAE Systems, Inc., Corporate Sponsor is Enterprise Bank, Reception Sponsor is The Telegraph, Dessert Sponsor is Web Action Group, Floral Sponsor is Anne’s Country Florals, and Invitation Sponsor is Quality Press Inc. The public is invited to join us in celebrating our honorees. To make a reservation or to get further information concerning the Awards Ceremony, please call Brenda Collins at 889-4731 or visit The cost of the dinner is $40 per person.

‘Tis The Season: Potholes, Floods, and Misaligned Mailboxes

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by Doug Robinson The roads of Hudson are littered with potholes, floods, and misaligned mailboxes as the mountains of snow begin to melt away, leaving behind the trials of the early spring. To the Hudson Highway Department, the repair of the potholes has become a yearly chore. “We are out there every day repairing the roads,” commented Hudson Road Agent Kevin Burns. As the snow melts, residents are finding their mailboxes listing and leaning—not from having a “grand old time on the town partying,” but from the exhaustive beating from

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this year’s snowstorms. Route 111 has, once again, become flooded, leaving cars and trucks alike traveling with trepidation through the tempest of water. The flooded roads extended into most of the Nan King parking lot, and near the Burger King restaurant. The dam on Pelham Road successfully shoots water from its flume, causing the cascading water to foam as it moves along down the hill.

Soon, spring will lead to summer and then summer to fall. Then, ‘Tis the Season will be the season, and winter will begin anew.

Flooding on Rte. 111

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