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Hudson - Litchfield News March 11, 2011 - 5

Voter Apathy Results in Poor Turnout at the Polls

by Doug Robinson During times when Hudson residents tend to complain about budgets, services, and the rising costs of Hudson education and town government, slightly more than 2,400 voters of Hudson’s 16,400 voters turned out to vote during the elections. While the Hudson selectmen created a budget less than last year holding the taxes in line, the Hudson School Department increased their budget by $1.2 million. These increases came as a result of voter-approved salary raises to the School Department employees during the past several years. On the Town side of the budget, the Senior Center, two union

contracts for Town employees, wage increases for the Town Clerk Town/Tax Collector, wage increases for the Rodgers Memorial Library employees, replacement of fire department defibrillators, establishment of a fire equipment Capital Reserve Fund, ratification of and agreement between the Board of Selectmen and Hudson Litchfield Youth Football/Cheer, and two petition zoning amendments were not enough to bring the voters out. On the school side, an operating budget increase of 2.4 percent,

collective bargaining agreement increments, raises for non- administrative Central Office staff, and wage increases for computer

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Hudson Seniors line up, encouraging those voting to vote “yes” for design of a dual-use Hudson Senior Center and Hudson Community TV Facility

technicians and the farm manager did not have enough “beef” to encourage voters to attend the polls. When the votes were tallied, less than 10 percent of Hudson’s residents and only a 14 percent of those on Hudson’s voter list stepped up to be counted and decided the future of Hudson services, Hudson budgets, rising costs of salaries, and the rising costs of education.

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Helene Wherry, along with her children Grace and Faith, check in with the registration clerk as she receives her voting ballot

Litchfield Town Elections Election of Town Officers

Selectman (2 for 3 Year Term) Frank Byron

M. Patricia Jewett Brent T. Lemire

Budget Committee (2 for 3 Year Term) Chris Pascucci

Raymond C. Peeples, Jr.

Trustee to Trust Fund (1 for 3 Year Term) M. Patricia Jewett

Library Trustee (2 for 3 Year Term Peggy Drew Mary Frank

Cemetery Trustee (3 year Term) Jen Spergerg

Rhonda Lambert

Road Agent (1 for 3 Year Term) John E. Pinciaro

Treasurer (1 for 3 Year Term) Sharon Harding Reed

Town Clerk/Tax Collector (1 for 3 Year Term) Theresa L. Briand

Town Warrant Articles Article 2:

Operating Budget Article 3:

Police Union Contract Article 4:

Highway Block Grant Article 5:

Hydrant Billing Article 6:

Land use Change Tax

Article 7: Vacation Liability Trust Fund Article 8:

Appointed Fire Chief

Article 9: Appointed Treasurer

Litchfield School District

School Board Member (1 for 3 Year Term) Cynthia Couture Patricia D'Alleva

School Board Clerk (1 for 3 Year Term) Lynn Baddeley

School Board Treasurer (1 for 3 Year Term) Lynn Baddeley

School District Moderator (1 for 3 Year Term) John G. Regan

School District Warrant Articles Article 1:

Operating Budget Article 2:

Salary Increases for Non-Union Positions

612 693

1010 1060 1126 Yes No 1055 280 791 560

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857 920


1045 62

12 12

1031 1059 1129 Yes No 845 454 817 530 1197 135 816 514 925 389 905 400 810 508 820 505 STONEWOOD SCHOOL, We provide care for

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99 Lowell Road Hudson, NH

A large truck was draped with signs asking voters to support Ratification Article #15

Hudson Town Election Results Election of Town Officers

Selectmen (1 for 3 Years) Marilyn McGrath Ted Luszey

Town Clerk/Tax Collector (1 for 3 Years) Patti Barry

Budget Committee (3 for 3 years) Stuart Schneiderman Michael Buczynski John Drabinowicz

Cemetery Trustee (1 for 3 Years) J. Bradford Seabury

Code of Ethics (2 for 3 Years) Diane Sirvydas

Dianne Emanuelson

Library Trustee (2 for 3 Years) Connie Owen Jennifer Chafe

Judith Manning-Mullins Town Warrant Articles

Article 2: Zoning Amendment - Sign Permit

Article 3: Zoning Amendment - Freestanding Signs

Article 4: By Petition Prime Wetlands

Article 5: By Petition Artificial Wetlands

Article 6: By Petition Prime Wetland Qualifications

Article 7: Police, Fire & Town Supervisors' Contract Article 8:

Salary Increase for Rodgers Library Employees Article 9:

Salary Increase for Town Clerk/Tax Collector Article 10:

Fact Finder Report - Support Staff Union

1076 1139


1442 1569 1430


1573 1651

1360 1197 866

Yes No 1496 1792 941 638 907 1514 Article 1: 663 1722 718 1651 1026 1445 969 1531 874 1581 521 1952

Operating Budget Article 2:

Collective Bargaining Agreement - Secretaries Article 3:

Collective Bargaining Agreement - Custodians, Electricians, HVAC Technicians

Article 4:

Salary & Benefits - Non-bargaining Staff Article 5: By Petition

Have School Board & Budget Committee Votes on Warrant Articles Printed on Ballot

1232 1235 1804 615 1759 708 1113 1378 1062 1403

Hudson School District School District Officers

School Board (2 for 3 Years) Amy Sousa Lee Lavoie

Normand Martin Keith Pearce

School Moderator (1 for 3 Years) Paul E. Inderbitzen

School District Clerk (1 for 3 Years) J. Bradford Seabury

School Treasurer (1 for 3 Years) Cecile Nichols

School District Warrant Articles 933

1444 918 769

1961 1850 1932 Yes No Hudson Town Election Results Article 11:

Operating Budget Article 12:

Senior Center/HCTV Facility Article 13:

Replace of Fire Department Defibrillators Article 14:

Establish Fire Equipment Capital Reserve Fund Article 15:

Agreement with Hudson-Litchfield Youth Football & Cheer

1704 1724 1879 1754 1951 771 813 642 741 589

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