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Foundation Reaches Out to Abuse Victims Community News

By DOREEN ROBINSON Give Her A Voice Presents The Telling, a powerful show recounting real life stories of recovery from abuse E

very once in a while you meet someone that is willing to stick out their neck and do something brave, daring and difficult. Marta Luzim, MS, is that kind of someone! For decades, her professional career has focused on women’s

issues and most recently enabled her to launch the Give Her a Voice foundation, a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to healing the trauma of abuse through creative and holistic processes.

Marta began her private practice, Primal Healing, 35 years ago. As a practicing Psychospiritual therapist and certified Metaphysician, she works with individuals and couples to develop personal growth and heal relationship issues, often stemming from childhood. While she does work with men, a majority of Marta’s clients are women that have suffered from physical, emotional or sexual abuse, or a combination of abuses.

“Women are sensitive creatures,” says Marta, “but we are told that our emotions are inappropriate.” She points out that our society has conditioned us to rely on pharmaceuticals, which only serve to repress our emotions. “We become addicts. We don’t feel,” she says. “We become numb.”

Rather than mask the symptoms, Marta believes in treating the whole person through a creative healing process. “Our culture needs emotional enlightenment,” she says. “Why are we afraid of being human? Why are we so ashamed?” She is passionate when she speaks; full of emotion when she declares “We are so out of touch with what is feminine. Female energy brings the emotional, creative, intuitive, and healing forces that strengthens and unifies society .” Without these more vulnerable attributes, Marta says the world has become more violent

and violence against women

is increasing. A woman is physically, emotionally or

nine seconds in the United States.

The majority of these victims keep silent and their trauma can actually manifest itself in a physical manner, causing diseases such as cancer, gastro disorders, fibromyalgia, heart attacks, anxiety and depression, she explains. This silence was her inspiration for the foundation, Give Her a Voice. “We need to come out of our anesthetized sleep states,” declares Marta. “We need to wake up!”

v Marta Luzim, MS, is the Founder of Give Her a Voice. sexually abused every

to literally give women a voice. The foundation will be presenting a fundraising performance, The Telling on April 10th at 4PM at the Cinema Paradiso in Ft. Lauderdale. This multi-media show tells the real life stories of seven abuse victims, (Rita, Denny, Melissa, Marie, and Evelyn and others) and their personal journey of recovery and redemption. The performers for The Telling are actual abuse victims, including Marta’s daughter, New York-based choreographer Lara Luzim. Marta worked with each performer, coaching them and allowing them to tell their story in their own, unique voice. In addition, singer and songwriter Mieka Pauley will be performing.

v New York based choreographer Lara Luzim will be performing in The Telling.

She strongly believes that women need to start talking about their pain. She feels that we are brainwashed as a culture to “think positive” or “snap out of it” and that women focus too much on the outside and don’t do enough work on the inside. “We look good. We dress ourselves up,” she says, “but we suffer silently.” A principle she practices and incorporates into helping others is derived from a quote by one of her favorite mentors, Spiritual Leader Ram Dass, who has said, “The most I can do for you is work on myself.”

Through her newly formed non-profit, charitable organization, Marta is on a mission 60 March 2011 To Advertise in Coral Springs and Parkland City News, Please call 954-255-5226

The proceeds from The Telling will go to the Brookwood Home for Girls in Coral Springs. Brookwood is a group home for adolescent

girls ages 11-21 that have been victims of abuse, neglect, violence, family dysfunction or homelessness. As a former resident of Coral Springs, now residing in Parkland, Marta chose Brookwood as a way to give back to the local community. She is also working with Brookwood’s Clinical Director Stacey Steinbaum to help “make this house a home” by teaching the residents to be creative and spiritual through holistic healing processes.

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