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It’s Their Business

By JAMIE MALONEY All That Glitters is Gold at CR Jewelers As the gold standard, company celebrates 32 years in the industry I

f you’re a long-time South Floridian, you may remem- ber CR Jewelers from the good old days – in other words, the ‘80’s. It was 1980 when twin brothers Law-

rence and Donald Weinberg relocated from New York after college. Starting out in the popular flea markets of the time, they quickly expanded to a building across from the famed Seybold building in Miami and eventually got into a few of the area’s regional malls. They were also joined by a third brother, Steven Weinberg.

During this time, the brothers made a name for themselves through some very clever and memorable promotions that

live in infamy in South Florida. When the Miami

tourist board created the “Miami Is For Me” campaign, the Weinberg’s decided to contribute a penny for every inch of 14kt gold chain they sold. It was a generous offer, if you remember the ‘80’s, which culminated in the brothers delivering $3,000 in pennies! (That’s 300,000 pennies or 6,000 rolls). Donald jokes “We walked down the street of Miami with a wheelbarrow full of pennies and had it delivered

directly to the ‘Miami is for ME’ campaign

office. In response we received a letter saying ‘thank you’ 3,000 times!” Another time CR Jewelers was involved in the “Win a Wedding at McDonald’s” promotion, famously nicknamed the McWedding.

Despite the publicity stunts, have survived the past 32 years without

the business would not their


customers. There’s a reason people keep coming back to CR Jewelers, from the engagement ring to the 50th Anniversary and all milestones in between. It is truly a family-oriented business with an entrepreneurial feel. All stores are owner-operated and it is not uncommon to see the brothers working in one of their three South Florida stores (they own seven nationwide.) They really get to know their customers and hear employees’ ideas from the floor. Many times, they will take suggestions from sales associates that are implemented the next day.

“That’s one of the advantages that makes us different from the big chain stores,” Linda Jackson, HR Director, points out. “We have more flexibility and that really motivates the sales associates. It’s a mall culture with a mom and pop feel.”

Another distinction from big box competitors is the ability for customers to custom design jewelry. CR Jewelers works directly with jewelry-makers and have recently partnered with a manufacturer

that buys close-out

merchandise from other companies, giving CR Jewelers access to exotic stones that you may not see anywhere else. Customers can also design and preview custom jewelry online by selecting their preferred style, setting and stone.

Another online service for those who don’t like to leave the house is their new gold and diamond mail-in program. Although CR Jewelers has been buying gold for more than 30 years, this is their fist foray into the mail-in service, which includes video tracking and cash bonuses. According to a Sun-Sentinel blind test, CR Jewelers had

one of the highest payouts in South Florida in 2010. Donald Weinberg attributes this to their exclusive relationship with a refiner that melts the gold into bars and sells them to the Federal Reserve. Not ready to buy or sell? Become a fan of CR Jewelers on Facebook or sign up on their web site for email announcements, including events, special deals and promotions.

Although you could do most of your transactions with CR Jewelers online these days, there is still good reason to visit their stores: charity. The company takes in-store donations for

the Jewelers for Children Charity Fund,

which helps children in need through various charity partners, such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Donald Weinberg and his wife Carmen are also involved with Mayan Families, an organization that helps the indigenous Maya people of Guatemala. The Weinbergs visit Guatemala every summer, bringing shoes for

the children and purchasing food for the families.

While it may be a little known fact that the Weinbergs are generous and giving people, CR Jewelers is well known for its fine collection of watches, such as Citizen, Bulova, Caravel (Bulova’s discount line), Michael Kors AND for their Diamonds! Specializing in bridal sets and carrying hundreds of diamonds up to one carat, the company is now branching out into the large diamond category, catering to those looking for 2 – 5 carat diamonds. In fact, their new “I Do” collection features a wide selection of styles. For those who want to save for a big rock, alternative metals, such as tungsten, stainless steel, sterling silver and titanium bands have become wildly popular.


“We have more flexibility and that really motivates the sales associates.

It’s a mall culture with a mom and pop feel.” - Linda Jackson

Human Resources Director, CR Jewelers

Another specialty of CR Jewelers is Zable Beads, created to interact with the Pandora line. These high- quality Murano beads, made from Italian glass and silver, run anywhere from $19.99 - $35.99, and are a great

alternative to the pricey Pandora beads. CR Jewelers traditionally offers discounted product lines at 25 - 70% off. The larger discounts are possible because these are primarily one-of-a-kind items that have been discontinued. CR Jewelers prides itself on imported quality (gold from Italy and diamonds from Belgium, domestic prices.

As we said in our advertisements in the 80’s, ‘Come in and be amazed’. So....COME IN AND BE AMAZED!!!

At their store locations CR Jewelers pays top dollar buy- ing your Gold and Diamonds.

There are 3 locations in Florida: one store in the Coral Square Mall near Old Navy and two stores in the Sawgrass Mills Mall, across from Bloomingdales and Adidas; three stores in the northeast, including New Jersey, Virginia and Maryland, and one store in California. For more information, please visit

To Advertise in Coral Springs and Parkland City News, Please call 954-255-5226 March 2011 45

India and Israel) at

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