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Lose Up to 30lbs of Fat in 30 Days Here’s the truth and what you need to know about Sci-Slim®


he Sci-Slim® program is simple—and is based on scientific and metabolic prin- ciples. We have developed a system that uses HCG, a polypeptide protein found naturally in your body, to release your own stored fat for energy. Fat is turned into

calories, and the calories are burned up by your body for energy. Dramatic weight loss results—and there is no hunger. Sci-Slim’s program has been developed painstakingly and precisely, and our clients, even those who have tried other programs and failed, report that Sci-Slim works beyond their expectations. We feel that we have created the absolute best diet program available. There will always be imitators, but Sci-Slim’s proprietary system is proven. Results are fantasic.

Combining the use of a small amount of HCG with a low-calorie diet causes your body to metabolize and use the unwanted fat through a specific process. It also resets the hypothalamus so that once the diet is completed; you keep the weight off and eat normally. By properly following the Sci-Slim HCG protocol, you lose an average of 1 to 3 lbs per day. And you will feel more healthy and energetic than you have in years. This has been proven by thousands of patients undergoing the program. HCG, a naturally produced hormone in the body, began receiving the credit it deserves, thanks to internationally recognized British Endocrinologist, Dr. A.T.W Simeon and his work “Pounds and Inches.”

So what is the Sci-Slim Diet? First, always check with your primary health care provider before you start any diet. This is important to your overall health. The Sci-Slim HCG Program is a weight loss protocol to help people reach their targeted weight by adhering to a strict diet plan and daily doses of HCG. Because of the catalytic properties of HCG, you will not be hungry—allowing you to successfully complete the program.

What makes the Sci-Slim diet program different than other programs? As well known Ft.Lauderdale physician, Peter Babinski, M.D., Ph.D, says, “First, it works. Second, it works fast. And third—and most importantly—you lose unwanted fat, not muscle, water and tissue weight. This is very important. It means that for every pound you lose, the results on your body’s shape are magnified—targeted to the very areas where you want to lose weight, whether it is your hips, rear, arms, tummy, wherever. And 90 percent of Sci-Slim dieters retain their desired weight two years later.”

The Sci-Slim weight loss program lasts a little over three weeks for those that want to lose up to 20 pounds; 40 days for those who desire to lose more. It is a completely natural program, with a diet comprised of real food and there are no dietary pills to take. Most weight loss programs introduce a low-calorie diet that forces the body into starvation survival mode where it desperately holds onto fuel rich fat, and breaks down leaner muscles.

Sci-Slim™ on the other hand, breaks down the fuel-rich fat and the body utilizes these calories to eliminate hunger pangs. Simply put, the more fat you have, the quicker you will lose it with Sci-Slim™. “Unlike other diets, Sci-Slim™ allows you to lose your fat, which is what you really want to lose and have the shape you’ve always desired,” said Dr. Babinski.

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