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26 March 2011

Fitness Forum By DEBBIE WOLFF

best exercise for me to do? My answer is the one you will do…but if flexibility, strength, stability and balance are your goals, then my answer would be yoga and pilates. This article will focus on yoga and next month we’ll look at pilates. Though not exclusive to these goals, pilates and yoga can be done in conjunction (fusion) with other exercise modalities.

The Ancient Art of Yoga A

s a fitness professional for30 years, I get asked many questions about what is the

The practice of yoga is centuries old, and although it was initially practiced with one person it has now turned into a group class format in many studios.

Under the heading of yoga, there are about as many different styles of yoga practice as there are flavors of Baskin-Robbins ice cream, and it is as much a personal choice of which one fits you best.

What is yoga? Yoga evolved thousands of years ago in India. Today yoga is widely practiced in the west in many different forms.

The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit yuj, meaning to yoke or join together. The union of body, mind and spirit. Not necessarily a religious experience, though many yoga classes are infused with chanting and meditation. The most familiar chant or mantra(sounds that resonate through the body to evoke certain energies) to many students is OM – spelled a- u- m ,each letter is a sacred symbol.

The practice of yoga includes pranayama- prana defined as energy or life force . Practicing pranayama helps to release tension and keep the mind focused. Asana practice is the more physical practice of yoga designed to help get more physical control of your body. Asana means posture – yoga exercise movements are known as asanas or postures. Some familiar names may be child’s pose and downward facing dog. Many yoga instructors use the Sanskrit names for asanas. Downward facing dog is known as adho mukha shvanasana and childs pose, balasana.

Hatha yoga is probably the most popular form of yoga practiced in the United States. Hatha yoga concentrates on perfecting the physical body to unite with the mind and spirit. The practice takes many years to perfect and emphasizes flexibility and patience.

Whether you chose yoga or pilates, a combination of each, or both – make sure that you are comfortable with the class, instructor and location. Does your instructor just watch themselves in the mirror or do they assist and walk around during class? You can ask their credentials to see if they are trained or certified in that format. If you are not confident that the class is right for you – try another instructor or time – don’t give up – your body’s health depends on it.

To get stronger, more fit and more flexible, try to incorporate yoga or pilates several times a week faithfully and you, too, will see the changes in your body.

Debbie Wolff is the Director of Fusion Fitness and Yoga, located at 10000 W. Sample Road, Coral Springs, which is affiliated with Coast- al Wellness and Fitness. She has been a certified fitness professional since 1980 and has NSCA-CPT, AFAA, CPTS, and RYT certifica- tions. She can be reached at 954-345-YOGA (9642) and via email at Visit her website at

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