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Quirke McNamara Consultancy Gentleman’s club near Heathrow

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QMC takes on the task of lighting a London gentleman’s club.

QMC Design & Lighting was commissioned to renovate an old snooker hall near Heathrow to turn the space into a Gentlemens club. The clients wanted a space with a very dramatic lighting scheme that created different moods within different areas. QMC designed the interior, the lighting, as well as the branding, naming and even choosing the outfits and bespoke designing of the stage, wave seat and DJ booth, as well as managing the overall build on site. The brief was to create a decadent exotic space full of colour and personality using the lighting to create the mood. QMC spoke to staff and even the bouncers to see what they wanted from the space, and the feedback was to create a clever lighting scheme which was flattering and not too bright – in fact as dark as possible using wall fittings to create back lighting and low lighting.

Being a very masculine domain but all the staff being female, it had to be glamorous and fantasy inspired somewhere far away from reality. ‘We wanted to create something that wasn’t a cliché or tacky; somewhere that a woman could be comfortable as well as men. The team working on the project were all female so we came from a different


perspective,’ explains Susan Quirke, managing director of QMC. ‘We wanted the space to ooze glamour and fun, which is why we commissioned a mural artist to play around with the lighting, and also wanted to play with colour and finishes.’ The space was divided into a number of zones, creating a back VIP and booth area for private dancing. A fibre optic crystal colour changing chandelier (by Unlimited Light) marks the divide between the private area and the club beyond. ‘The VIP rooms have crystal wall lights and chandeliers creating a shimmering effect on the walls where we commissioned a mural artist to create bespoke art for the space. QMC branded the club, commissioning neon signs in the name Mist in pink; three signs echo the name off the main club walls,’ continues Quirke. The hall as you enter is lit by LED light tape highlighting the staircase, as well as florescent coloured sleeves in blue to create an exotic vibrant feel as soon as you step off the street into the space. QMC designed a bespoke main stage with an LED brick light. The fabric ceiling around the stage features GU10 LED fittings in different colours of pink, red and blue, which is the key feature sitting in the middle of the space.

Lighting manufacturers: Unlimited light, Lutron, A1 Signs, Mr Resistor, Cadisch GIGB, First Light Direct, Endon crystal wall lights from Castle Gate Lights, GU10 fittings from

QMC’s bespoke wave seat is clad in red leather and backlit by LED light tape that uplights the walls onto the vibrant fabric above.

The private pool room, which houses the Brunswick table, has a mixture of GU10 LED fittings set into the ceiling as well as a retro touch in the existing pool table light echoing back to the previous useage. The lighting also serves to highlight the bespoke commissioned artwork that hangs in the room.

‘In the existing bar we clad in black vinyl and underlit with LED light tape as well as back lighting the back bar with LED fittings in red and blue. The lounge bar area is again fitted out with crystal wall fittings where we had murals painted around the lights to add interest and create a decadent mood as well as a mix of different colour LEDs in each area. The crystal room private VIP area is a mix of crystal fittings, bespoke art and colourful LEDs,’ says Quirke. QMC chose fluorescent fittings to back light the red Perspex on the DJ booth. The lighting is controlled from the DJ booth off a six zone Lutron control system, allowing the client to control the different areas from the VIP areas and private booths to the lounge bar and open club area.


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