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cross the finish line. While you’re racing you have a job to do. You have a certain distance to get the job done and there’s no point letting other people distract you. Focus on what you need to do to be the best that you can be. One of the worst feelings in the world is doubt. You never want to cross the finish line with any doubt that you gave it your absolute best on that particular day.

Lesson 5: Have Fun! Everyone is nervous. Everyone is a bit scared. You need to get excited! Over the last several weeks you’ve been putting small deposits into your ‘training bank account’ and today is the day to withdraw all the money and go on a shopping spree! Get out there, dress appropriately, execute your training, be competitive and have a great time!

My first (and possibly my last) fell race

Michael describes his first fell run at Withins Skyline in this extract from his blog at He came home in fourth place.

On Sunday I decided to repeat my weekly tradition of trying something British. Last week was a half-marathon that never went on flat roads and this week was a Fell Race. I have no idea what I was thinking …

It is one thing for a track runner to move up to the roads. It’s another thing for a track runner to move up to cross country. But to move up to Fell Running … well, that’s exactly what happened … I fell A LOT while I was running! I fell on my face about 3 times and I don’t think I ever stood upright for more than a couple hundred metres.

I did 45 minutes before the run (I was just using the day as my long run) and then made my way to the start line to begin my run/stumble, which took place over a 7 mile loop that consisted of mud, mud, and mud. We were either always running uphill or downhill – a common theme in these parts. The biggest difference in this challenge was that this was entirely in … mud. The minute I saw everyone wearing these funny looking shoes I knew I was in trouble. Apparently there are actual Fell Running Shoes! I ran in my normal trainers.

Michael del Monte at at Withins Skyline ILKLEY HARRIERS NEWSLETTER • NOVEMBER–DECEMBER 2010 17


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